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When Playing Hide and Seek, Donít Go Under the Sink! by crazykittylover

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Chapter notes: this came up in a totally random train of thought and i decided to write it down....took me two hours, enjoy and review; sorry for the long title...i like the rhyme.
“The fridge is in the kitchen.”

“I don’t want to get up though…”

“Don’t bother me I’m winning!”

Joey whined as he sprawled out upside down on the blue couch. Brandon was playing a race car game on his x-box 360 as he glanced over at his friend; he snorted. He was about to break his little sister’s record on the race and he wasn’t in the mood for his friend’s whining. Loud crashes erupted from behind him. Not looking behind; “What the hell was that?”

“Damnit Kyle, I said lady’s first!”

“I see no damn lady; I see a...OW!”

The girl that was entangled with the younger boy smacked the boy right across the back of the head. She pushed the blue haired boy off her and jumped off the landing towards the plasma TV. “Hey Ray …what’s up?”

“For the last time dog breathe; it’s Rachael not Ray!” Rachael punched Joey in the thigh sending his leg off the top of the couch and onto the coffee table; causing his lower body to flop onto the floor...

“Hey that’s not cool Rachael, I’m just playing….” Joey sat up and yawned before walking sluggishly to the kitchen. Rachael watched him with distaste as he passed her scratching his ass.

“Keep it down guys I am about to beat Ray’s score!”

Rachael looked over Brandon and walked him, leaning over to his ear to whisper; “Brandon…you wish to the two things I hate most in this living world?” She sighed and narrowed her eyes to slits and took a deep breath, “BEING CALLED RAY AND YOU TRYING TO BREAK MY RECORDS ON NEED FOR SPEED!” Brandon recoiled from her screaming and dropped his remote.

Rachael swiveled around and turned off the x-box with a satisfied grunt. “This is why I don’t like you Brandon; you’re so annoying and immature, I would rather have Joey as a brother and he’s lazier than Shikamaru watching clouds…”

Brandon shot right up from his chair and pointed venomously at Rachael, “That was uncalled for Rachael…” he pouted at Rachael like a two year old, “I’m twice as lazy as Joey and do you have any idea how hard I’ve tried to beat that record!?”

“3045 times if I remember correctly.”

Brandon dropped to the ground and spewed anime tears as he clung to his sister’s pant leg, “Why is Rachael so mean to her older brother...Is she that cruel?”

Rachael’s eye twitched as she tried to remove his clinging form from hers, “No you’re just that stupid to get on my nerves! Aren’t you the one supposed to be the mature one?”

Kyle raised his brown eyebrow and stared at them like they’re nuts, then shrugged. This was an everyday occurrence at their house; Brandon was always annoying his three years younger sister and she was always beating on him, Kyle, or anyone else that incurred her wrath. They were all related; Brandon was the oldest and sibling to only to Rachael, Joey was their mother’s sister’s son’s kid who was left to live with them because none of his family (father or grandmother) could take care of him for their alcohol problems. Kyle was their cousin from their father’s side that periodic stayed in the house with his little brother Paul for Rachael was his current nana…

Everyone froze when a loud irritating cry that echoed from upstairs….they all paled as the cry turned into wailing. Rachael was the one that paled the most, “He woke up….Paul…” Rachael then grew furious and blazed as she shook Brandon by the collar, “Damnit Brandon! Do you have any idea how long it takes to put that brat to bed? Or how bad is to be his little nana all the time!!”


The girl recoiled at the cry as she slowly turned to find the 5 year old white haired boy sitting on a step, peering at her crossly, “Rachael not like Paul…?”

Rachael dropped Brandon hastily and smiled nervously as she rushed up to the boy, “No…no Paul, I like you very much! Brandon is just making Rachael say bad things…go back to bed while nana finishes talking to Brandon.” The boy crossed his arms and pouted at her.

“No, Paul wants to play with nana Rachael!”

Rachael’s eye twitched furiously as she tried to coats Paul back up; the icy blue eyed boy just shook his head furiously, “Paul wants to play hide and seek!!”

Rachael let out a groan and glared over at Brandon, giving him you-are-so-dead-meat look. Paul’s dad was the one in the family that had gone and built a very large company that made a lot of money. His wife was a model and wasn’t around very much and she was very bossy and vain. So Paul was left alone and given anything he wanted. After his 15th nana quit from having to deal with the brat, his dad sent him to his brother’s house to be watched. Paul took instantly to Rachael and so she was made his nana; that was 2 years ago.

Rachael got a lot of gifts from his parents for it but, she had a very hard time dealing with the kid; especially when he didn’t want to take a nap. “Fine…Paul we’ll play hide and seek then you go take a nap, got it?!”

The boy perked up and smiled bubbly at the girl; he glommed her and clung to her waist as she walked back down the stairs. She glared venomously at the boys as they snickered behind their hands. Rachael smile sadistically at them as they stopped and eyed her fearfully. “Paul you want to know what would even make hide and seek even more fun and even longer.”

The boy’s eyes went into saucer mode as he stared at her eagerly. “What nana, what?!”

“Having Brandon, Kyle, and Joey join in as well!” The guys faces were priceless; they were a cross of panic and alarm with hint of fear…Paul wasn’t allowed to lose to this game cause when he did…well there was a lot of screaming, crying, biting, and pulling of hair… last time they played, he nearly took off Joey’s pinky finger.

“Oh hell no…”

“That’s the stranger danger line sis!” Rachael hosted Paul up by the armpits, turned him to face the boys, and smile viciously at them as she whispered in a tearful begging way.


Paul took his cue to start wailing and gush out buckets of tears, “Paul wants them to play with him!! They don’t like him! Paul is going tell Momma and Daddy! Wahhhhhh!”

The boys rushed to the boy and tried to calm him down; when his parents heard he was being mistreated, they got very mean…last time they tried to sue Joey for teaching Paul the F word. Paul quieted down when they agreed to play.

Paul ran up stairs to get dressed as Brandon and Kyle glared at Rachael. She glanced over at them smugly, “You brought that on damn yourselves so don’t be glaring at me.” The boys snarled at her as Joey finally came out of the kitchen to see what the noise was about.

“Dude why did you rope me into the game, that’s so troublesome…” Joey yawned and lied down on the couch to snooze when Paul slammed his feet right into his gut. Joey clung to his stomach gasping as he rolled of the couch into a fetal position. “Bad Joey, Joey not allowed to sleep in game!”

Everyone snickered at his pain as he struggled to get back up; he was very pissed and decided to take it out on Kyle. Paul played with Rachael’s long hair as they waited for the yelling and running to stop; Joey dragged a beaten up pulp that was Kyle down the stairs and tossed him on the couch, “Okay let’s get this over with; I want my nap.”

“Okay Paul, who do you want to be it?” Paul looked at the boys then Rachael thoughtfully.

“Paul want nana to be it, she doesn’t hurt Paul!”

Rachael groaned internally as she smiled sweetly at the boy, “Ok, go hide,” she pushed the boy off her lap; he bolted through the kitchen door. “I’m counting to 20 get!”

The boys scrambled as she went outside the house and started to count.

“19…20….ready or not here I come!” she sang as she re-entered the house. The first person found was Joey hiding in the kitchen closet; he really didn’t care if he was caught. She snuck through kitchen in through the laundry door towards the washing machines for clothes; Kyle was hiding in the dryer as usual. She backtracked through the two rooms back to the family room and looked in the movie, game, and game system closets with no luck. Then she tried the cupboard under the first stair case with no clues and moved up stairs slowly.

She poked her head around the corner on the hallway listening for any movement. She slide across the wooden floor as she approached the first room closest to the stairs; Brandon’s and Joey’s room. She opened the door slowly, darting her eyes around the room; sweeping for any signs. She closed the door after checking the beds and closet; no Brandon or Paul. She repeated the process for Kyle’s and Paul’s room with no luck as well. She crept towards the guest room to see if they hid there; no one. The last rooms left were the bathroom, hers, and their parents’ room.

‘No one better be in my room or there be hell to pay.’ She thought as she slid into her room; she checked under the bed, her bathroom, and then the closet with no success. She growled in frustration as she entered the hallway again; now going to her parents’ room, she entered the room quietly as she heard shuffling in her parents’ closet. She yanked the door opened to find her older brother crouching under their mother’s dress, “Took you long enough sis; I swear you’re getting rusty.”

Rachael felt a vein pulse through forehead as she punched him in the back of the head, “Like you got room to talk, crouching under mom’s dresses, you girly man.”

Brandon swished his long black ponytail over his shoulder, “I resist that Rachael…”

“You resist a haircut.”

“I’ll have you know girls think I’m sexy with long hair.”

“Right…you look like a girl with long hair; men aren’t supposed to have hair as long to their waist, girls are!”

He pouted as we left our parent’s room, “You’re just jealous; just because I don’t have to dye my hair strange colors to get noticed doesn’t mean you gotta be mean.”

Rachael rolled her golden hazel eyes at her brother, “Whatever you girly man.”

Rachael went into the bathroom to see if Paul was in there; he wasn’t in the shower or tub so…the last place he could be is under the sink. Rachael smiled playfully; Paul always hid in the funniest and cutest of places, last he hid in her room as one of her dolls. She smiled at the memory as she crouched down and opened the cabinet to under the sink. Brandon leaned against the shower chuckling as he watched.

“Got ya Paul!”

She swung the small door open and stared in confusion as she saw the space was didn’t have Paul in it… It was filled with sand and leafs!

“What the fuck?” She gapped at the pile of sand and leaves; she snapped out of it and started to pull the sand out of the space, “Where the hell did we get sand in the middle of Oregon and why the hell is under our sink?!” Brandon shrugged as he crouched down as well to help dig all the sand out.

“I guess Paul wanted sand and his folks got it for him…he practically gets anything he wants now of days.”

“Still… why hid in the bathroom of all places, he could’ve hid it outside like a normal kid.”

“He isn’t a normal kid sis.”

They kept pulling more and more sand out till they heard a muffled cry; it was Paul’s:

“Nana, Paul doesn’t like the sand place anymore!!” Rachael’s eyes went wide as she went into a frenzy to dig the sand out; Brandon went for a first aid kit. She got the last of the sand out to see the back of the cabinet was gone and in place was a hole. Outside the hole she saw Paul farther down from it, trying to get back up to it. He was crying as he jumped to the hole.

“Paul, nana’s coming!”

Rachael crawled through the cabinet and poked her head out; her mouth dropped at the sight. The hole was in the middle of the air of what seemed to be a desert on the edge of a sparse forest. Paul was on a dune trying to reach her, “Nana!” Rachael leaned out to grab the boy’s hand when she felt herself be pushed out of the hole. She screamed as she fell onto the dune next to Paul. Paul brushed the sand from her, “Nana is okay?”

Rachael coughed as she sat up, “Ya, nana is fine. What the hell pushed me out though?”

Rachael looked up at the hole in the sky to see her brother’s head poking out, “Rachael what the hell is going on? When did we get a desert under the sink?”

Rachael forehead pulsed with several veils as she stood back up, fists tightly balled; “How the fuck am I supposed to know?! YOU just pushed me out of the godamn hole!”

“I go get some rope; stay here!” Brandon’s head disappeared back into the hole. Rachael growled at the hole.

“Well no shit Sherlock, where else am I supposed to go?!”

“Nana…where’s Paul?” Paul clung to her pants leg as he looked around frightfully.

“I have no idea sweetie.” She petted him on the head as she stood there, waiting for Brandon to return.
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