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Lights, Camera, The Eight Are in Action! by crazykittylover

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: just something i wrote. i dont really have much to say but enjoy and plz review. i dont like be ignored, it depresses me. =(
Chapter notes: i dont own Naruto. plz review, i like reviews. i will be writing more chapters so enjoy this one
(James’ POV)

“Role calls with characters!”

“Itachi/Hidan - Lizzy”

“Gaara/Tsunade – Sammy”

“Naruto /Kabuto– Jamie”

“Sasuke/Shikamaru – Tami”

“Tobi/Kisame – Amy”

“Neji/Sakura – Umi”

“Deidara/Guy sensei + Rock Lee– Leslie”

“Oreo/ Kakashi sensei – Sissy”

“Everyone is here, okay let’s go, lights camera, action!”

Eight girls ran to their places in the field.

We’re the 8 Obessors, from a YouTube channel. We came to some national park to film our next movie for it.

I’m James, Lizzy’s older brother and I film these girls.

They have been doing this since Lizzy was ten, they’re all in their teens now, Lizzy 17.They force me to come along on their “trips” to film their stupid shows. My mom and dad don’t mind about their trips for their shows as long as I drive them and watch them; since I'm an adult...I’m 21...

“The scene was quiet as Naruto and Sasuke sparred in the training field, but all was not well, for the Akatsuki lied near, creeping to catch the nine tailed-Jinchuuriki.”

I rolled my eyes as Sissy narrated for the show and did Orochimaru, some snake guy in it...she also played as Kakashi. I thought he was weird for having a mask on all the time.

I really don’t get why these girls obsess with this show Naruto. I have watched a few episodes. It really looks boring and something that an 8 year old would like to watch with little amusement. The only reason I like their versions of the show is because of the fighting.

The girls knew how to do Kung Fu or whatever they called it... I think it was taijustu. My sister especially knew how, she could kick my ass and we both knew it...

“Naruto watch out!”

Sasuke (Tami) tackled Naruto (Jamie) to the ground as a kunai flew over them; Leslie lit a fire cracker and tossed it with the kunai to make the explosive tag on the kunai go “off”. The two got up and faced the two in black cloaks with red clouds on them. Tobi (Amy) and Deidara (Leslie) stood there and took off their kasa (bamboo hats).

“So this is the nine tailed Jinchuuriki? Not very impressive, is it Deidara-senpai?”

“Hai, now then, Jinchuuriki, come quietly with us. I don’t feel like using my art on something pathetic as you!”

“Like hell I go with the Akatsuki! I remember what you did to Gaara!”

I paused the filming, it was a flashback time. We
Had earlier gone and went over to the area that was to be the “cave” that Gaara (Sammy) died in from having some demon removed from him. I started the filming again when everyone was in place.


Sasuke and Naruto had kunai out and charged the two Akatsuki. The Akatsuki charged too, Tobi fought Sasuke and Naruto with Deidara, who threw little balls of paper and clay and Sissy set off smoke bombs to add effect since Leslie couldn’t...she like to do the special effects...*cough bombs *cough.

I started to zone out and think about random things... I thought about the girl’s channel. The only reason their channel is so popular is because of the explosives, foul language, and the martial arts fighting they did, I think it’s just mostly guys that watch the fighting.

I rolled my eyes as the scenes went on. I was about call for a break cause I was sick of standing there monitoring the camera doing nothing when it started to rain.

“What! It wasn't supposed to rain!" Shouted Jamie as it started to pour down.

“James, stop filming! We’ll have to pick up from this scene later, everyone go get the props and whatever you brought, make sure it gets to the
SUV!" Lizzy ordered as she started to get the props closest to her. Everyone moved like lighting to get everything to the SUV.

“Camera, fireworks, bombs, extra costumes, weapons...anything missing Lizzy?” I asked as I checked the things that the girls were bringing in. They brought a lot for a mini movie...thank goodness that they didn’t have to bring a lot for this scene.

“No that’s everything, start the car. Okay everyone sound off, names only!”










“Okay everyone is here, anyone’s costume ruined or in need of any repair?”

Eight no’s rang off in the SUV, I sighed, at least there wasn’t going to be any more filming today. If the weather stays like this, we would have to postpone the movie, I hoped...

"Lizzy, why do you have your costume on and the Sharigan contacts on? You didn’t have a part in this scene or any scenes that we're going to film today.” asked Sammy, she was sitting next to Lizzy.

“Cause I felt like it, why do you have your Gaara costume on with makeup? I remember us only filming you this morning!" retorted Lizzy. I knew a fight was coming...these girls always bickered when they were cramped.

“Oye, girls don’t fight. All you just like wearing your favorite characters costumes during filming or any place you could get away with it, remember?”

I rolled my eyes, this fight was a daily one and I had to always stop it with something, I guessed had to continue with explaining something all this girls knew about each other like since forever, just to keep them from fighting.

They would always argue about their favorite character and say why they were better than the others favorite character all the time. They would always act like them and saying whatever their character would say, like Jamie with believe it and crap. They even went far as to dye their hair their favorite character’s to show who's hair was better in real life...only did Umi dye her hair as her 2nd favorite character hair color, Sakura's bright neon pink always hurt to look at it. I sighed as the girls started to bicker again this time with Umi and why she should dye her hair the color of Neji's so her costume looked better.

“Okay, I'm only going to say this once so no one bicker or whine okay? And leave Umi alone, I don't want to hear her whine about how I let you guys gang up on her. I will explain to you in perfect English why everyone in this car besides me, likes to dress like a Naruto character."

"Lizzy likes Itachi because of his personality and that he is sexier to her than anyone else to her. Sammy loves Gaara because he is psychotic, has blood red hair, and has such perfect white skin. Jamie likes Naruto because he’s loud like her, and wears her favorite color, bright or neon orange. Tami likes Sasuke because he’s emo and has a great ass plus she likes to say his name. Amy likes Tobi because he’s special, funny and is a super psycho nut job when he's very angry...”

I took a deep breath before continuing, why couldn’t these girl fight over boys that actually existed or lipstick for a change, why must it be constantly about Naruto or some other anime show?!

“...Umi likes Neji Cause he has white eyes, therefore she wears the contact lens to freak people out, he has girly hair and he also has flawless white skin. Leslie likes Deidara slightly better than Guy sensei and Rock Lee because of his hair, mechanical eye the range finder, and awesome hand justu that she wishes she had so she could play with herself better."

I blushed a little at the idea of Leslie doing that, she was blushing as well and looked out the window as Jamie snickered at her...I looked into the rear mirror then back at the rode before continuing.

"...Sissy likes Orochimaru because of his long tongue, cool snake eyes and Michael Jackson like voice in the English version of Naruto."

(May his soul rest in peace?)

I glared into the rear view mirror for a bit; all the girls seemed to be frozen in mocking terror by it. I growled the rest of my speech to the girls so they get the hint I wasn't in the mood for 'let's argue all the way to the cabin and annoy James with it deal.'

“And by God’s will, I will murder anyone and everyone in this car if they try to make their character seem better than another’s, they are all good characters! And we all know everything about these characters so we do not, do NOT need to hear about it for the millionth time!”

The car was silent for about 30 minutes...till Lizzy started arguing about something I couldn’t do anything about since she could block any of my hits and that she was black mailing me with pictures of me snuggling with the panda I got from Sammy in my sleep...

I had a crush on her and yes I know I’m five years older than her but she really has pale smooth skin and the softest red hair I just wanted to touch, plus her real hair color was a dark red, just not as dark as Gaara's.

The argument went on for 1.5 hours as I drove us to our cabin. The cabin was still 2 hours away. The rain was also really pouring now so I had a hard time seeing through it. I grimaced; it was hard enough to drive without these chatting loons going at it, I felt a vein pop on my neck.


It suddenly quiet, for a while. Everyone just stared at me then through the windows till again, my sister stared something.

The other thing I hated more than her obsession with Naruto that she was constantly doing; Singing songs that were either really old, some new shitty song that really annoyed me, or something in a different language that sounded like crap. And...! It was usually something all her friends knew too so they sang along too.


I groaned not that one! “Sugar, Sugar” by The Archies. I positively hated that love song, it was crap and too sappy for me and they were really loud with it.

The girls caught on in a flash and soon enough, they were singing the song over and over. I gritted my teeth, I so wanted to strangle my sister for torturing me like this, I left my ear plugs in my suitcase at the cabin.

There something was ahead I couldn’t make out; it looked like someone was in the middle of the road... I yelled in surprised when I got close enough to see it was indeed a person sitting on the road. I swerved and crashed into a tree.

The air bags went off and the last thing I heard was the girls’ fading screams and moans. The trickling of rain slipped in last before darkness.
(Lizzy’s POV)

Oh man, that fucking hurt. What the hell was that on the road, a person, in the middle of the highway at night?

I opened my eyes to find myself in a hospital bed. I looked over to my sides to see my friends in similar beds, but no James; I had a few bandages on my right arm.

“Where am I?”

“Where it is, I blame James' driving skills and that god, Jason.”

I sat up and saw that Amy was up, I grinned mischievously, and at least I’ll have some help waking everyone else. She sat up and swung her feet the side of the bed.

“Hey, Amy, how are you feeling?”

“Like crap, you?”

“The same... want to help wake up the others so they a wallow in the same pain as us?”

“With pleasure.”

We walked to the others bed; they had their costumes on the side of their bed like ours, we were wearing pale green gowns, hospital gowns. I walked quietly to Tami. I raised my hand to slap her across the face. She grabbed my wrist and opened one eye glaring at me with the Sharigan contact lens still in.

“Slap me and I’ll kill you for real, Lizzy.”

“Touché... fine help Amy and I get the others up.”

We slapped Sammy, Jamie, and the others up. They rubbed their red cheeks, glaring at us. We were stifling our giggling as we stood a little ways from their beds.

“Not our fault you didn’t wake up first and besides you would’ve done the same to us.”

I smiled as they grudging nodded in agreement. We got dressed in our costumes since it was all we had for clothes.

“Lizzy can you and the others take out the contact lens? They’re irritating my brain for some odd reason.” Leslie said; she was getting her Range Finder on her eye.

“Yea, okay…”

I tried to get the Sharigan contact lens out of my eye, but I couldn’t find the lens.

“Are sure I have them in? I can't find them.”

“What are you talking about? I’m staring right at them, guys you see them too right?” Leslie gave me an irritated look as she finished messing with the eye gadget.

“Yea, I see too Lizzy.” Said Sissy she was staring into my eyes, she was too close for comfort.

“Guys I can’t get mine out either,” Amy exclaimed.
Sammy and I exchanged worried faces.

“I can’t get my Byakugan ones out either,” Umi yelped.

We were all starting to panic. We had no idea what was going, why the contacts weren't coming out and why James wasn’t with us.

“Ok guys don’t panic; maybe our contact lens dried on our eyes and we just have to get them removed with professional help.” I smiled nervously at my idea, it sounded pretty weird and totally stupid but it could happen, couldn’t it...?

“I see all you are awake. “

We all turned to see a guy that looked like Ibiki and several AMBU looking officers at the door. We knew he looked like Ibiki cause of the scar on his face, no one could forget that sadist's ugly mug.

“Holy Shit, its Ibiki, the sadist!!”

“We can see that, captain obvious Amy. Do you plan to play Tobi here as well?”

Umi and Amy started to bicker and about when I was going to step in Jamie asked the most obvious question in the room.

"But Amy...Umi, isn't Ibiki in the world of Naruto?"

"You're right Jamie. Crap though, I never thought I would be possible for someone to look so fricking ugly and scarred up to the guy, scary!"

I smirked at Umi’s remark; she was good at this kind of stuff, that’s why she played Neji's character, Neji could be a totally asshole if he wanted to. Ibiki’s right eye twitched, I could tell he did not like being called ugly and a sadist, which he was.

“You eight are coming with me.”

“Screw that! Where’s my brother, James?! You've better not have screwed him up! I want my lawyer!"

I glared at the man...I think he flinched.

“I don’t know who you speak of or what lawyer is. You were found near the village, out cold and severely injured. That was a week ago.”

I was shock; my brother wasn’t here and wasn’t found with us? What happened and why was there a guy that looked like Ibiki?

All my friends looked at me to see what I wanted to do. They also pushed me in front of the group; we were staying in the middle of the room. I don’t like being leader, but for some reason they think I make the best decisions on any matter that involved an authority figure. I usually did, but that's not the point.

“Let’s go guys; I think we should go see the police with our problem about where we are and why James isn’t here with us. This loony is probably a crazed fan of ours. You can never be too careful with these kinds of guys.”

They all nodded at the logic and moved to go through the door keeping me in front of the group. The man look pissed at what I said to do and that I ignored what he had just said.

“You’re not going anywhere, you’re coming with me and that is final.”

He signaled the guys dressed as ANBU to come closer. I was getting annoyed.

"Dude, if you want to be on the show, you're going the wrong way about it. Girls do you think we should have Ibiki in the show?"

"No way! I mean, come on Lizzy, Ibiki wouldn't make sense, if it was Sasori character or one of the Sand-nin then we could discuss it. Plus we don't have guys on the team, only girls. It's not our rules, it's our parent's remember?"

"Well, Umi, I guess you're right..."

"I know I right."

"Ego alert."

"What was that, Sissy??"


We all knew what Sissy was going to say, she always calls Umi this, just to irritate her.

"Girly Man!"

“Sissy don’t call me that!”

Sammy was growling in pain. She didn't like shouting when she got a headache. She must have a real nasty one brewing...I looked at her feet in surprise; the dust in the room was starting to gather near her.



“The dirt on the ground….it’s circling around your feet.”

“Do I look like an idiot?! Only Naruto would fall that!”

“Just look at your feet!”

Everyone agreed with me as we watched the dirt collect at her feet and rotate. She nearly jumped out her skin.


“That’s not normal!” Sissy commented

“Normal, Sissy... That isn’t even close to the word normal! That is Naruto crazy on vegetable casseroles normal! Sammy how the hell are you doing that!?” Jamie yelled.

“I don’t know! I was starting to get mad at the noise you guys were making and at the fact I have a really bad headache then suddenly, I felt stuff attract to me!”

“Girl stop kidding around! That’s like Gaara making sand from the underground dirt; you know when he was facing the hot bone guy!” Jamie shook Sammy's shoulders while yelling this.

“EEWWW…You think that guy is hot?!” Sissy faked a gagging sound.

“Oh shut up Sissy! You think Orochimaru is sexy in a Speedo and that is the meaning of gross!” Sissy's face got bright looked really weird on a face that looked an awful like Orochimaru's... Sissy had a slim figure with long black hair (her hair was naturally black, just not as black as the hair dye), pale skin, and had a face sort of like Oreo when he revealed his real face to the 3rd Hokage when they were fighting.

“Oh Yeah Jamie… think Kabuto with Sasuke is a match made in heaven!” Jamie gasped and turned bright pink.

“You swore you never tell anyone that!”

“You swore you never tell anyone about my Orochimaru fantasies!”



Jamie and Sissy leaped at each other and started to wrestle, pulling each others’ hair out, biting and scratching the living day lights out each other along with anything else to cause each other pain. Umi and Amy tried to separate them only to be thrown into the fight as well. Soon 4 out of the 8 of us were in the mess of nails and teeth.

Tami, Leslie, Sammy, and I just sat on a bed watching from the side lines, these cat fights tended to last a while and anyone that tries to stop it just got thrown into it as well.

“Break it up ladies! The Hokage himself would like a word with all of you in one piece!”

Tami and I tisked Ibiki for saying that for he just got 4 very pissed off teenage girls glaring at him, they all stopped fighting and tensed.

“GET HIM!” Umi yelled

All 4 tackled the man, that guy didn’t stand a chance till some of the guys dressed like ANBU tried jumping in the fray; they were trying very hard to get them off the dumbass. They weren’t doing so well. One of them yelped in pain, looks like Sissy got him in the jewels with her teeth, sucker.

The ANBU guys got them separated finally after 20 minutes of screaming, punching, the biting of sensitive areas, and any other dirty fighting those four could think of.

I was thinking about Sammy while they were fighting. I found it was odd that the dirt was there in the hospital...even more so that it went to Sam when she was in pain. I also thought about why my Sharigan contacts, along with the others didn’t come out. Maybe...there was something going on, but what?

“Tami, Umi, Jamie, Amy, Sissy; are you guys calm?

I was still thinking after the girls nodded and sat on the ground panting. The floor was sprinkled with blood, hair, and cloth.

Maybe the reason to the contacts and Sammy wasn't so hard to think off because it hit me like a two ton rocket.

"Guys remember how my contact lens wouldn’t come out... along with Sammy’s pain? you... think it’s possible that we could be in the world of Naruto..?"

“Lizzy that’s insane, we had an accident, and our contacts are just acting funky."

“Jamie, how do you explain Sammy? I just think that what if this place is it? I mean what if this is Konohagakue no Sato?!"

Everyone looked at one another, doubt was written in their faces till I tried to do what my character did best, Mangekyou Sharingan.

“Mangekyou Sharingan!”

I turned to Ibiki and thought of him slipping into a deep trance into the world that Itachi could create. Ibiki’s eyes widen as I glared at him with my blood red eyes. He sunk to the ground in a heartbeat.

“That can’t happen…Lizzy you…” Tami stuttered.

“That’s was so awesome!” yelled Jamie.

“How can you do that?” Sammy asked quietly, glancing back where the dirt that she had 'called' before.

“I figured since the contacts didn’t come out and that if we’re in the Naruto realm…I could use what my Itachi could, since I’m wearing his costume and stuff...”

“Wait, so you’re saying you can use Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo! That is so awesome Lizzy!" Jamie's mouth was hanging wide open with awe and had weird gilt in her eyes. I repeated the same thing with the ANBU.

“Hey! That means I can use Byakugan right!?”

“And I could use Deidra’s hand justu?!”

Umi and Leslie jumped up down, holding hands, giggling. Umi pulled her hand away from Leslie’s, rubbing it on her cloak in disgust.

“Ewww… you’re hand just licked mine!”

“Sorry, but come you got to admit this is an awesome justu.”

I was still giggling about my luck when a thought blew in; since we had the abilities of the characters we obsessed about. Wouldn’t Leslie have the mouth on her chest, like Deidara during the battle against Sasuke?

“What’s the matter Lizzy?”

“Leslie, you have the mouths on your hands right?”

“Yes what of it, Lizzy?”

“Wouldn’t you have it on your chest too, like that final battle with Sasuke?”

Leslie’s eyes widen with horror as she took of her Akatsuki outfit top. She, I, and everyone else screamed as we saw the stitched mouth on her chest.

“Holy shit girl! You got it on your chest just like the Deidara-senpai’s!!” Jamie was the only one to say it aloud.

"I didn't know that Deidara had Deidara was really a girl?" Amy wondered aloud. Leslie tacked Amy and started to beat the crap out her, the others were wrestling her away when I asked Sammy.

“Hey, Sammy can you control sand like Gaara? You did have the dust thing going on.”

“I think would suck if I couldn’t.”

A long tongue poked me in the arm. I jumped and clung to the ceiling like a cartoon character in Looney Tunes.

“GROSS! Keep that tongue yours to yourself Sissy! That’s worse than Leslie’s justu!”

She was laughing like a mad scientist; I had almost forgotten what Oreo could do...didn't she have a sword in her throat? I dropped back to the ground, dusting myself off.

Sissy started to choke on her tongue from laughing. I had to grab it and keep her from sucking it down and choking on it again, I let go once she calmed down. I wiped my hands on some hospital sheets, that tongue was just plain nasty.

We all played with our new founded skills till I remembered that we were and that James wasn’t here.

“Girls, we need to go.”

“Why Lizzy? Let’s explore a little; I want to see Konohagakue for real!”

“Well, so do I but, what about James?”

Everyone fell silent, they had forgotten about James. We all poofed the outside gate of what appeared to be the hospital.

“So where do we go now?” Jamie scratched her head, she was so simple minded here.

“Well, I vote we go to the Hokage, who else favors?” I chirped

Eight yes and zero no, it was decided; we go to the Hokage for help
Chapter end notes: review thats all
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