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Queen of Bijuu by sakura1289

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Sorry that I didn't do anything sooner but I was hell busy with other stuff. Please, if you have read the previous chapter one please reread this one, it is different.
Naruto’s eyes sprung open, the blue orbs immediately shutting again because of the bright sunlight peeking in through the pastel coloured curtains shining onto the moldy wooden floor.
A soft snickering came from across the room; alerting Naruto but immediately after he relaxed,” Geez, do you always have to scare me?” he shook his head and let out a loud sigh.
There was another snicker to be heard and the sound of soft foot tapping, slowly making its way to the bed, which was too small for the boy this big,” Sorry about that, you were sleeping and I had to some how wake you up.”
Naruto growled lowly,” You could have just tapped me on the shoulder, not giving me a nightmare about the villagers,” he looked up at the man and frowned.
The man chuckled, his long and wild red hair hanging down loosely covering up half of his chest. Red eyes were staring into sapphire ones, giving of an ill atmosphere. A carved golden crown with a small ruby resting on his head,” Since when, if I may ask, are you scared of the villagers?”
Naruto glared at the man and growled again,” You know the reason very well Kyuubi, I won’t explain it to you again!” he yelled, his eye flaring red.
The man, named Kyuubi face suddenly became serious; his mouth became a thin line with a sharp canine pointing out in each corner,” I came here to talk to you civilized, not to start a quarrel. I apologize if I’ve hurt you.”
“You might also add the reason why I feel lighter than before,” muttered Naruto, going into the kitchen then warming up the kettle. Kyuubi followed him, his princely red kimono brushing against the wet, moldy floor. Its golden ends reflecting the sunlight, while he sat down onto one of the chairs staring at Naruto, who was sitting opposite to him.
“What did you want to talk about?” he asked calmly, his endless blue eyes not even blinking once while he talked.
Kyuubi lifted off his crown and placed it onto the table gracefully,” I’m highly ill, I can no longer stay in this dimension. Every second I waste here will bring me a second closer to death.”
The room was silent, Naruto was slowly taking in the information he had just discovered from the Kyuubi,” Then what will happen to me?” his blue orbs staring at Kyuubi, who’s scars, slightly like his own but thicker and longer had become swollen. He had just noticed, usually they were thick and black but now they were swollen and thinner than usual.
“If I would have disliked you, I, myself would have forced you to leave with me but you’ve gotten my respect that not many humans do,” Kyuubi explained it slowly and clearly, his formal language, confusing Naruto’s narrow mind,” There is only one way for me to leave this dimension without you.” He slowly reached for his crown, lifted it of his head and placing it in front of Naruto onto the kitchen table.
“I want you, Uzumaki Naruto to become the next Leader of the Demon Race.”
They stared at each other for a second before Naruto chuckled at first but then broke down into a roar of laughter,” You got to be kidding me, right, this is just one of your horrible jokes that you make up to scare me!” tears rolled down his cheeks, his stomach aching from all the laughing.
“Naruto, I don’t joke,” said the Kyuubi calmly and coolly, the react stopped Naruto with his laughing fit immediately,” I meant this seriously, the only path for me to return back to the Immortals Dimension without you is to reach the crown over to you, Uzumaki Naruto.”
The room was silent once again, the birds were chirping outside and children shout and screams were heard outside, who were making their way to the Academy.
Naruto stared down at the golden crown on his kitchen table, the ruby was shining in the sunlight making it look like solid blood but yet still liquid,” What do the Leaders have actually have to do?” he asked breaking the long, awkward silence.
Kyuubi sighed,” Keeps regulation and order in both Mortal and Immortal Dimension, creates new creatures and plants, and makes more of the creatures and plants that live already on this world. Mostly of all, the Leader shall bring peace back once more before he passes his crown on onto the next Great Ruler of the two Dimensions.”
“But what if he fails to become what is expected of him?” Naruto asked, still staring like hypnotized at the ruby.
This time Kyuubi frowned and looked up at the boy across him,” He’ll be forbidden to come into the Mortal Dimension and will become very ill; even if he didn’t want to be chosen to be so, evil, he will become an outcast of both Dimensions’.”
Naruto’s head shot up and stared at Kyuubi, who was fiddling with one end of his golden, silk belt,” You mean yourself… don’t you?”
The Kyuubi looked up his dark red eyes looking ashamed into Naruto’s deep blue ones,” Yes, I mean myself.”
“What did you do wrong in the past?”
“I attacked the village of Konoha without intention to; I was summoned and hypnotized with the Sharingan Eye, ordered to destroy the village, kill the Hyuga Clan and the 4th Hokage; which I did accomplish, sadly,” he told the young boy sitting across him.
“Oh,” he whispered,” What will happen to me, if I accept your offer?”
Kyuubi shrugged,” You will be trained by the Vice-Head, knowledge and strength. They will force you to act more mature and wiser, teach you the royal ways of acting and exetera.”
Naruto nodded understandingly,” But don’t you have to be a demon to become the Leader?” his fingers touching the small, fine carving in the crown, eyeing them clearly. On the right side of the ruby was a traditional Dragon slithering to the other side of the ruby, it gave of a light bronze glow. There was another traditional Dragon entangling itself with the bronze glowing one, it’s head on the opposite side of the Bronze Dragon’s head. This one had a mysterious silver glow. Both of their eyes were inserted with smaller rubies.
Kyuubi eyed him carefully,” You can see the two Dragons?”
Naruto nodded, and then looked at the Kyuubi,” Aren’t I supposed to see them or is it just an illusion?”
The Royal Man shook his head,” Only those that are born with royalty can see the crown but not he carvings, to humans this crown is invisible. Those that can see the two Dragons of Ying and Yang and also see the light glow shining of them are the Chosen Heir’s of the Kiso Kanmuri, so, it looks like you have got no choice but to accept this offer and become the Leader of all Demons.”
Naruto let out a low growl and glared at Kyuubi,” Why me? Why must I always be the unlucky one?” he looked back at the crown and gently picked it up, bringing it closer to his face. It really looked beautiful, the detailed and fine carving with the three smooth rubies.
“It will always stay on your head, it won’t fall of during battle and no one else can touch it except for you,” said the Kyuubi eyeing Naruto closely,” You have no way back now, you’ll have to accept this or there will only be war in the two Dimensions.”
Naruto thought about it but then looked up at Kyuubi,” What will happen to me when I accept?” he fiddled with his black T-Shirt nervously.
“I cannot explain it to you, neither tell you what I went through because every time it is different. They train us all differently so, that the previous Leader, if he still wants to keep the place can’t kill them that easily,” Kyuubi explained,” You will be taught a different and power fuller fighting art than I was.”
Naruto nodded understandingly, rubbing his chin and looked down at the golden crown, then let out a loud frown,” Okay, I accept the offer.”
Kyuubi let out a small sigh of relieve and smiled at him, his two canines giving him an exotic look. He stood up and walked over to the other side of the table, motioning Naruto to kneel on the floor. Kyuubi slowly lifted the crown and gently placed it onto Naruto’s head, the size of the crown,” I, Kyuubi no Kitsune, past Leader of the Mortal Dimension and the Immortal Dimension pass this crown down to my Chosen Heir, Uzumaki Naruto. Do you deny or accept this offer to change the world for the future?”
Beneath him, Naruto was shaking out of fear, anxiety and nervousness. He didn’t dare to say a word but he had to or he was going to be forced by Kyuubi into the Immortal Dimension. “I, Uzumaki Naruto wish to accept this offer, change the future for the best and become the greatest leader there has ever been.”
Kyuubi smiled as Naruto stood up, the Kiso Kanmuri resting on his head as if it belonged to him already for years, then he kneeled down in front of the boy,” I wish for you to become a better Leader than I was.” Then he slowly started fading away and Naruto fainted.

Sasuke and Sakura were waiting at the red painted bridge, annoyed. Not only their sensei, Hatake Kakashi was very late but their other teammate Uzumaki Naruto was too.
Usually their orange clad teammate would be chattering about, trying to get Sakura to go on a date with him or bickering with Sasuke on who’s the strongest but today there was no such thing.
Only complete silence.
It annoyed the two horribly much. Not only they missed the bright coloured jumpsuit which screamed “kill me” but also the obnoxious loud voice of Naruto.
Once every while, Sasuke would glance into the direction Naruto usually came from and hope to see a small patch of orange and yellow making its way towards them.
Awhile later, their sensei appeared on the rail of the bridge, excusing him with a stupid excuse of his.
“Where is Naruto?” he asked looking around, trying to spot the same thing Sakura and Sasuke have been looking for the past few hours.
Sakura shrugged,” He hasn’t come today, I don’t know why, probably brooding in his bedroom because he lost in his and Sasuke-kun’s fight.” She attached herself onto Sasuke’s arm tightly.
Sasuke growled lowly at Sakura and glared at her pink haired head, then just snapped his head back to Kakashi, prying Sakura off in the meanwhile,” What are we going to do?”
“It’s better if we go to Naruto’s apartment, just to check if he is alright,” said Kakashi and started strolling slowly towards the direction Naruto comes from.
Few minutes later, the three were standing in front of Naruto’s apartment block. The walls were all moldy and the green paint was slowly falling off, the metal bars at the balconies were all rusty and broken.
Sakura looked up at the building in horror,” Is this where Naruto lives?” she asked quietly, examining the building over and over again. There was dirt almost everywhere; all the windows were dusty except for two which was most likely to be rented by someone.
“Yes,” it was a plain, unemotional answer without any hint of pity from Kakashi.
They slowly walked inside, into the hallway which was halfway clean but the floor was moldy like all the other woods. Sasuke scanned the area around him while the team was walking up the stairs.
He didn’t like it here; no one deserved to live here, not even Naruto. The first thing he would do when they found Naruto, was letting him stay at his apartment for a while then a decent place to stay, near his house so he could watch out for him.
But would he actually admit that he cared for him?
Sasuke grunted and glared angrily at the ground,’ Probably not.’ His stupid ego, sometimes he wished he wasn’t like this.
Kakashi knocked on Naruto’s green painted door, carefully,” Naruto, are you in there?”
There was no reply.
Kakashi knocked again, this time louder and more rougher then the last time,” Hello?” he tried the door knob and turned it, the door slowly swinging backwards revealing a dark room.
They slowly stepped in, the floor beds creaking loudly and the bright sunlight shining in onto the dust, that’s floating in the air. The walls were warm cream colour and the floor was a cold and moldy brown. The windows were cleaner than the windows from the outside. A small kitchen table enough for a small family to sit around at dinner, one chair was broken on the floor and another chair was on the floor but still whole, and next to the whole mess lay Naruto unconscious.
“Naruto!” Sakura rushed over to him, immediately checking his temperature and for any signs of an illness, but then she just shook her head,” There is nothing wrong with him, no wounds, no fever.”
Sasuke walked over to the broken chair and examined it,” There are no signs of a metal slashing through it and it doesn’t look like it was broken by hand.”
Kakashi eyed the room around him, sniffing quietly. Something was out of place, the chakra in this room was to strong to be his, too unstable and murderous to be his but yet it was flowing in and out of his body, floating through the room making the air heavier than it already was.
He looked a little closer at the air around him but immediately slapped his hand over his eye and groaned, gaining the attention of Sakura and Sasuke.
“Sensei, you alright?” shrieked Sakura, rushing over to Kakashi,” What happened?”
Kakashi fell to his knees and took a deep breath, slowly looking up at Naruto again,” He needs medical attention, his chakra is to… strong.” With this he fainted, getting greeted by darkness.
Chapter end notes: Please comment. And don't complain about the rating, I've no clue what they mean...
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