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Muzukashii Ai by fuyuko

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: Disclaimer: Naruto is the property of Masashi Kishimoto. No money is being made from the writing of this story and no copyright/trademark infringement is intended.
EDIT: I took out the confusing Japanese, so that readers wouldn't have to keep referring to the end notes just to find out what's being said.
Chapter notes: Here's a warning, first, if you do not like the pairing SasuxNaru, I highly suggest you leave. If you've continued reading, I would like to comment that I've been out of writing for a while, and am getting back into it, so critism is welcome.
Why…? Why…? That person…why…God…?

Gentle breezes blew past the young, black haired student as he trudged gloomily down the path towards the park. Lost in thought, he barely noticed the gaping stares and the gasps of his presence. Sitting down on a wooden bench besides a shining, peaceful lake, the boy stared hard at the mixing waves, lapping against the rocky shore and entranced himself in dreams and wonders.

What was there left for his to live for? He begged God for an answer, that only seemed to be not given. Finally taking notice of the reflection glaring back at him, he noted the piercing, coal black eyes, a certain cloudiness that covered them as his black hair slightly tinged with blue framed his pale, perfectly sculpted face. His soft lips were parted slightly to reveal a row of straight, white teeth, of which he never seemed to use for smiling.

He held up a hand, fixing an intense gaze on it, as if nothing had ever been more interesting. It was this hand that allowed him to be this successful in school, this hand was what created his every written word and worked wonderfully whenever he wished. He wanted so badly for this hand to be able to touch the blonde, to have his slim fingers slid up the slightly darker skin, to feel the warm touch on his.

His hand grasped at his shirt, pain consuming him as he heart beated faster at the thought of the other boy. This love was denied; in the world, this was abnormal, no one accepted it.

He hated how each time he went home, the only person to respond to his “I'm home” was the emptiness in the rooms. He wanted this to so badly change; he hated the feeling of wandering the lifeless halls. He wanted someone, something even, to respond to him. It felt like the house was mocking him, he was going mad from loneliness.
A pink haired girl made her way towards the lone Uchiha, still perched on the bench quietly, his arms resting on his outspread legs, facing the dirt ground. A smile came across her seemingly gentle face as a blush overtook the usually light skin, trying to catch the distracted boy’s attention, she murmured, “Sasuke…”

The raven haired snapped out of his daze and glanced over at the pink haired girl before his eyes wandered off to somewhere again, “What…?”

“Well…” started the girl again, softer.

Sasuke’s patience was running low, his temper rising light speed, “Get lost…”

If only he could see the fear and sadness that was consuming her, the slight tremble that overtook her small frame as she tried again, her confidence slowly decreasing, “Naruto…”

At the sound of the blonde’s name, Sasuke’s eyes widened, for a split second, a flash picture rushed through his mind. He got up without even a glance at the girl, his hands clenched in fists that he soon stuffed into his pockets, still staring at the ground. Naruto wanted something from him. He could feel his blood running through his veins at an amazing rate, his heart beating faster, at the speed of a race horse.

He left the heartbroken girl behind, standing their watching after him, his back facing her as he continued to put distance between them; her hands clasped together, held to her chin shyly.

There was nothing left to live for if he could not have the blonde with him. He could not bear another day without knowing that the blonde cared for him, that the blue eyed naive kid actually bore feelings for him. This was too much for the Uchiha to comprehend, life had never placed such a difficult obstruction in his life before. He need to be loved by someone other than his adoring, infatuated girls; this drove him to the brink of sanity.

Trudging with heavy steps, Sasuke knew where he was headed for; the ramen shop.

Bumping into someone on the way there, he glared harshly. Anger melted away to a sudden pleasure, a small light of joy, flicker in the dark recesses of his mind.

It was Naruto.

“What, idiot…?” It broke his heart to hear himself muttering those cruel words to his only desired love. But he had to keep his reputation somehow, where this village would not accept this strange love.

The blonde grabbed Sasuke’s hand, pulling him towards a more secluded place where no one might happen to eavesdrop. The two reached a dense forest, various shades of green surrounded them as Naruto blushed a deep red, stuttering words rolling out of his mouth in fragments, “S…sa-sasuk-ke? I l-like-e y-you so-o…”

Shock came over the dark eyed boy as he watched the other. Calm on the surface, he was exploding with joy and happiness inside, his mind parading at the huge success that he was finally able to overcome.

Surprise was replaced with a warm look of blissfulness as Sasuke grasped the blonde harshly, emitting a gasp. Sasuke smirked at the sound, exciting him further as he whispered softly, “Me too…”

Naruto felt like he could melt under the closer space of which the two males were sharing. The raven haired placed his soft lips upon the blonde’s neck, lightly moving downwards. He stopped himself, Naruto’s taste addicting. He knew if he went any further, they would both be in trouble, Sasuke would loose all control.

Sasuke pulled away from Naruto turning his head away. Naruto placed a hand softly on Sasuke’s face, skimming the smooth, pale skin. He older male jumped slightly at the touch, shivers running up and down his spine. He desired more of this coverage, more of his touch; this toxic, poisonous feeling consumed him, but he liked it, he loved it.

It was at this that Sasuke was unable to keep in character, he brought his lips down on the blonde’s harshly, feeling the warm lips of the other move with his in a seemingly planned out dance. He was out of body, watching above himself as he committed this sin that society could not accept.
What was so wrong about his compassionate feelings towards another male? It was so foreign and yet so right to know that he now had the blonde as his own.

Their tongues met in a clash of dominance, but Sasuke backed down, allowing his new found lover to win. Knowing that this wasn’t usually what would happen, Naruto broke away, pouting. A smirk appeared on Sasuke’s lips, just slightly, as he voiced dangerously low, “Yes?”

“Nothing…” Naruto returned childishly; words did not need to be spoken for the two to understand what was really beneath the opened opinions. They liked eachother more than just friends, no, they loved eachother. And it was with that addicting kiss that Sasuke knew he was functioning improperly all this time, he needed this blonde as much as the blonde needed him.

Smirking once more, Sasuke kissed the younger male again, wanting the feeling and taste to last as long as possible. He didn't care about the world; this was all he needed. In his head, the only thing that was registering was one phrase, I'm home…

- owari -
Chapter end notes: I deeply apologize if you've wasted moments of your precious life reading this story.
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