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True Sensei by wolf of rasengan

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Here is the second chapter for you. I thank all of you who have left some kind of helpful advice. The reason why I did this story is because no one ever really teaches Naruto anything. Since I know that Naruto is actually powerful without a sensei, imagine if someone actually took the time to train him. It is my belief that the only reason why Naruto acts like an idiot is because he never got the attention that a developing child needs. In this story my character will do everything in his power to reverse the damage caused by the village. Weather or not he succeeds, well all will be revealed later.

Skull is striding down the hall towards the Hokage’s office, killing intent rolling off of him like waves in a hurricane. Each step, each stride; is a countdown to the end of someone’s life, it didn’t matter who it was, as long as the played a part in his apprentice’s abuse. “I’m going to kill that old fool for letting this happen to an innocent child.”

“Excuse me sir, how can I help you,” ask the secretary sitting at her desk, which is located by the door of the Hokage’s office.

“Yes you can, tell that old goat that I’m here to see him,” he says releasing a massive blast of killing intent, terrifying the woman.

“Yes sir,” she squeaks out running into the Hokage’s office to get away from this man.

“Come in,” replies a gruff voice as the secretary flies past Skull as fast as she possibly can to get away from him. Skull then returns his attention to the office that belongs to the old man; pulling himself together he steps into the office glaring at the Hokage through his mask.

“Ah Skull, I,” was all that could leave his mouth as he finds a hand wrapped around his throat. He is soon slammed against the wall behind his desk, swerving his eyes left and right he notices his ANBU bodyguard knocked out cold. When he opened his mouth to speak again, he is then met with such a blast of killer intent so intense it causes him to quiver in fear. He tries to open his mouth again for the third time, only to have a back of Skull’s hand to come across his face.

“Alright you senile old bat answer me this, why is Minato’s son being treated like shit,” barks out the giant of a man increasing his killer intent with every word that he speaks.

“Skull, I apolog-”

“Apologize, my dear Lord Hokage, I shouldn’t be the one you are apologizing to,” says Skull holding up a picture of Naruto he had taken while the boy slept, the picture showed of the boy’s ribs, along with a seal that he never knew existed.


“My sentiments exactly, you should’ve had let me take him with me when I was on that mission searching for Kushina,” growls out Skull raising the Hokage a few inches off the floor with his back still against the wall.

“Please Skull stop,” wheezes out Sarutobi while Skull still has his hand around his throat slowly applying pressure.

“Why should I,” Skull says still applying pressure to the old man’s throat, cutting off his air supply.

“Please, let me explain,” he pleads to the man whose out to end his life on this earth. His response, he was thrown across the room hitting the wall hard, knocking the air out his lungs.

“You have five minutes.”

Rubbing his now sore throat he explains, “Shortly after I sent you on that mission to look for Kushina I told the villagers, hoping that they would see him as a hero.”

The killing intent rises while Skull shouts, “You fool, what were you absolutely thinking in that pile of dust you call a brain!”

“I thought that the villagers would honor Minato’s wish that Naruto would be treated like a hero.”

“You old peace of shit, that isn’t what Minato asked you to do. He wanted you to keep it a secret from the village, so that he couldn’t be mistreated.”

“I had to tell them, rumors where spreading that he was the Kyuubi reincarnated, it was the only thing I could do to prevent him being executed.”

“You were the Hokage, you could have done something.”

“I guess nobody told you.”


“Before I was reinstated, the council passed a few laws.”

“What kind of laws?”

“Nearly all of my powers as a Hokage have been stripped from me, I can only do paperwork and assign certain missions.”

“Didn’t you have any shinobi loyal to you at the time?

“Yes, but we were totally out numbered so it wouldn’t have worked.”

“What do you mean outnumbered?”

“When Minato disbanded root, it didn’t really disband, it went underground.”

“So Danzo and the council run the village, huh?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Does Kakashi know about whom Naruto’s parents are?”

“Yes he does.”

“Then why did he leave Naruto tied up to that post.”


“He left Naruto tied up to one of the training posts, I found him last night close to about midnight.”

“What did you do?”

“Simple I cut him loose, and took him to my place. And when he had woken up I fed him some breakfast,” Skull says like it is the most obvious thing in the world. “Also, Lord Hokage, what is that seal on the back of my apprentice’s neck?”

The aged leader releases a sigh, “if what I saw in the photograph is what I think it is’ then it is a suppression seal that is used on the most dangerous of criminals.”

“Who would do that to him?”

“It’s hard to say, any one who has worked in interrogation, our prison system, or even the ANBU would have the knowledge to place such a seal. For Naruto to reach the rank of genin is nothing short of astounding.”

“How effective is this seal, sir?”

“From what I saw in the picture, I would say it is at its maximum level.

“How strong is that?”

“Let’s look at it this way, Jiraiya wouldn’t be able to mold chakra in any sense with that seal on him, a genin could beat him at taijutsu, and he his thoughts would be shot to hell and back.”

“Hmm, that would explain why he does so poorly at times, and yet does so extraordinarily well in others.”

“Precisely, it is my belief that the council want’s to sabotage Naruto’s ninja career.”

“And why would they do that, because I’m sure it has more to it than just being the vessel of Kyuubi?”

“Right on the money I see, yes it does; you do know of the Namikaze clan fortune?”

“Yes, it’s the largest known amount of gold in all of fire country, only the fire lord has a bigger account. But what does this have to do with Naruto?”

“The council has frozen all of the boy’s assets that he would inherit from his parents. However, because he is alive they can’t take it for themselves, yet.”

“So the boy has been living on welfare this whole time?”

“No, the council denied him that saying ‘why should we waste our money on a demon’, so he has been living off an allowance that I have been giving him since he had gotten his own apartment.”

“And when, might I ask, was that?”

“Shortly after he turned three, he was kicked out for supposedly starting a fight with a group of boys who just so happened to be ganging up on him at the time.”

“What do you plan for the boy now; surely you know that Kakashi will go out of his way to sabotage Naruto’s training?”

“Yes that’s true, but I was not the one who paired the teams.”

“Let me guess, it was the council who decided the teams, am I right?”

“Right on the money again I see. I’ve been secretly trying to contact Jiraiya, hoping that he would take the boy to be his apprentice.”

“I see what you’re planning, since Jiraiya is a sannin he has certain rights. And with those rights he can’t be bullied by council.”

“Yes, that was the plan.”

“OK, hang on. What do mean by ‘was’.”

“Jiraiya still has not gotten over the fact that his favorite student is dead.”

“So he’s blaming Naruto for what happened to Minato?”

“No it’s not simple, you see Jiraiya… oh what the fuck he is blaming Naruto for what happened to Minato.”

“So he won’t train the boy at all, right?”

“No, I believe that Jiraiya will train him, but he will only teach him summoning and the rasengan, if only in honor of Minato’s memory.”

“So the boy is pretty much screwed were senseis are concerned.”

“Precisely, I would train him myself, but you know how the council will react.”

“They’d probably make you stop teaching him, and somehow force you to train that spoiled brat of an Uchilla.”

“That pretty much sums it up right there. Before we continue lets sit down, this floor is killing my lower back.”

“Alright, but you better not piss me off again.”

“I don’t plan to.”

“Good,” Skull says while extending out his hand to the Hokage, who gladly took it. “Now on to more important matters, Lord Hokage I wish to take Naruto as my apprentice,”

“You know the council won’t be happy about this at all,” says the aged Hokage as he eases himself into his chair. “It’s a good thing you knocked out my bodyguards Skull.”

“Oh and why is that,” he says with amusement in his voice.

“Just look at their masks.”

“Ah now I see, let me guess the council forced you to take these root ANBU as your bodyguard to that they can spy on you?”

“That’s correct, and as for Naruto being your apprentice, I approve it. However, I want it to be kept a secret from Kakashi; I would absolutely love to see his face when Naruto beets up the precious Uchilla princess.”

“And so would I, also how are to keep this from the council?”

“Easy, Shadow Clones.”

“Hmm, that should work; leave a clone with Kakashi after missions while I take Naruto to train him.”

“Yes it should, as long as Kakashi doesn’t try to use Naruto as a test subject for Sasuke to practice jutsus on.”

“He’s that sick in the head isn’t he?”

“Unfortunately, yes he is.”

“How do we remove the seal from his neck?”

“You don’t need to worry about that at all, Skull. Bring Naruto by tomorrow, and I will remove the seal myself.”

“Well if there isn’t anything else you need from me,” Skull says standing up from his chair that in front of the Hokage’s desk, “I’m going to go and pick up my apprentice.”

“Skull,” seeing the man as he stops right at the door he continues, “I wish you luck in your training of Naruto. I also want that report by the end of the end.”

“Yes sir, my Lord Hokage,” says Skull as he bows in respect for the Hokage as he then turns and walks out the door.” “I’ll wait until they’re done with their D-rank missions, by then Kakashi should have taken Sasuke away for some private tutoring.”

Chapter end notes: Hope you enjoyed the chapter. I'm always open to any type of comments or reviews. I hope to have another update for you soon. See ya!
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