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~ My Very Random Friends! ~ by shadowdragon

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: don't forget to type your name when you continue the story. do not use "me" it gets confusing.
shadow (thats me!): HI! welcome to MVRF!

hidan: what the *bleep* is MVRF?

shadow: HIDAN! I thought i told you to stop cussing!

Hidan: sorry shadow...

shadow: you better be! anyway, this is basicly somewhere you can write a random chapter of anything you want! just try to be sure it has something to do with the last chapter someone wrote please! and yes, it can include some of the wedding crap that my friends (see summary) are writing in there fics! hidan, when are we going to have the wedding?

hidan: umm... i don't know... kakuzu took all my money...

shadow: oh... well when are you going to give me chidren? I WANT CHILDREN DAMNIT!

Hidan: um... well um... I... ummmmmm


hidan: i love you?

shadow: i love you too! *hugz!* what were we fighting about?

hidan: i don't know...

shadow: oh well...
remember to try to make sure your chapter has something to do with the last chapter written, even if it is only minorly the same. be free to insert yourself and your oc's and you may use steve the monkey, myself, or anybody else that has made a chapter into your continuation. BUT DO NOT USE OTHER PEOPLES OC's WITHOUT PERMISSION!

hidan: do you have to yell? you almost knocked my head off...

shadow: sorry hidan-kun! BYE PEOPLE!

hidan: Shadow! you yelled again! my head realy did fall off that time...

shadow: OMG! I'll go find kakuzu! *leaves*

hidan: shadow! don't leave me here alone! darn...
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