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First Snow by Deadly Dream

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Chapter notes: Man this site brings back some serious memories. Just how long has it been since I last was on here? At least half a year I think, but don`t think I plan to come back because of this. I`m just bored out of my mind since there`s nothing to do on my other sites.
With each step he took the soft sound of crunching snow met his ear. Letting out a long sigh as he stared at the ground, completely covered in that thick blanket of blinding white. Those ocean blue eyes frowning at it with a mixture or anger and sorrow.

The blond raised his head as he felt the ice around him chill slightly. Eyes focused on the white flakes that danced in the wind, bringing back memories of squad seven’s first mission. Bringing back the memory of that raven boy who had hurt him so badly.


“Oi dobe!” His comrade’s voice flowed into his mind, causing him to turn adroitly. Preventing the Uchiha from seeing his face as the snow continued to fall from the moment Zabuza died. “Hey I`m talking to you baka!”

“Shove it, Sasuke!” Naruto chocked slightly as he remained hunched over beside the tree trunk. Silence filled the air until the raven silently walked up to Naruto, grabbing him roughly by the wrist. Forcing blue iris to meet onyx as crystal tears slid down those scarred cheeks.

Taken aback, the Uchiha had no idea what to do. A soft, inaudible mutter escaped from the blue eyed ninja’s lips. “Hm?” “I said ‘You`re the only idiot here’!” More tears silently feel from those pathetic blue eyes, causing Sasuke to feel even more uneasy.

“I really thought……I thought you truly died. I didn`t know what to do, Sasuke!” A frown formed on Sasuke`s pale face before he did something he had never done for any one. Griping onto that tan wrist, he pulled the sobbing blond into his arms.

Tightening his grip, as though Naruto would vanish from his sight otherwise. Ocean blue eyes went wide with shock at the sudden embrace. Losing himself in the warmth of Sasuke`s pressed flush against his own. “Idiot, I`m not going any where…I can`t be gotten rid of that easily.”
A soft smile formed on Naruto`s lips as he gave in, allowing his mind to slip into the much need blissfulness of sleep.


But that promise was too much for the poor blond to hope for. Sasuke had left everything behind…left him behind. Tears brimmed at those broken eyes as the memories of Sasuke`s betrayal played over in his mind. How much pain the raven had caused him not only physically but the scars emotionally as well.

One good thing did come from my time in Konoha- That simple sentence shot into the blond`s mind like a dagger each time it came to that point in time. -You and I became friends…best friends. More importantly, I even ended up loving you. But I can`t not left this bond tie me down! A new flame rose in those blue eyes, a new determination. Naruto would bring Sasuke back and he will make him stop hiding from his feelings.
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