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Kiba's Revenge by gaaras_girl343

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Table of Contents

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The kunai edged closer and closer
She was more than terrified.
"Kiba, what are you doing?"
A shocked Sakura asked.
"Don't play dumb," Kiba said.
"I know it was you."
Sakura started to panic.
"But what are you talking about?"
"You can't fool me!"
Kiba looked sad and angry.
Akamaru was growling,
He was also protecting Kiba.
Kiba edged the kunai closer,
Thoughts zooming through his head.
"I investigated the murder scene!
Your scent and your hair was on Naruto's body!"
"What do you mean?
Are you accusing me of something?"
Kiba sighed and shook his head.
"You murdered Naruto Uzumaki..."
He moved the blade closer
until it touched her neck.
"I'm on an s-ranked mission
To kill the murderer of Naruto."
"But- but Kiba!
I didn't do it!"
He furiously slashed her throat,
Akamaru stared at the mess.
"You're a fool, Sakura,
A murderous fool..."
Kiba took a look at Sakura,
Her throat was gone.
He used a fire jutsu
to take care of the mess.
"I'm sorry Sakura,
But it was your fault..."
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