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Broken by Heartless

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: So, here ya goes peoples!
Chapter notes: Okay, Chap 1!!!

I looked around the training grounds. I had heard from a certain stalker that Naruto was around here. A soft, yet slightly deep voice drew my attention. Looking from a high branch of a nearby tree, I aw Naruto sitting/laying against Sasuke. Damn... For now, Sasuke owns Naruto. (Teme)
Naruto felt tearing flesh as he raked at the warm skin under his finger-tips. A strong embrace around his midsection was the only thing keeping him from falling backwards. His fox tail was intertwined with a long thin one. His ears were down, but he felt happy. The kitsune slowly fell backwards and landed on soft sheets. He moaned in pleaser as the strong scent of pine, water, and neko came over him.....

Uzumaki Naruto blinked his eyes open, happy to see again after his blinded dream, as filtered sunlight beamed on him from his window.

The blond tried to figure out what in hells name he had just dreamt.

Well, First off, the only cats I know are my cats. Don’t know any half-humans with cat sent. There hasn't been a cat since the First Hokage. He was right. The cat norm was every 100 years. The fox norm was 172 years.NamiKaze Minato was the last fox, making Naruto special to beat the odds!

Seeing as he knew no half-cat-humans, he ignored the dream. For now anyways.


Naruto couldn't pay attention to the free hour before school. It was called "free-time." You were basically supposed to hang out in the huge cafeteria until school started, and it lasted an hour. Most people either talked to friends, or snuck off to an empty classroom with a close friend...half returned with missing ears.

Suddenly, two boys slammed their stuff in front of the blond.

"Uzumaki, guess what?" Kiba’s voice and wolf-stench drew his attention from his daydream. Next to him was a raccoon, Gaara. Naruto was friends with the exchange student, but Kiba always seemed to invite himself to stuff...making their friendship difficult.

"You’re a girl?!" Naruto joked loudly to Kiba. A couple of boys not far looked at them, curious. Naruto spotted Shikamaru easily, his girlfriend Temari nearby. funny, they were earless today.....

When he looked back to Kiba, he looked a bit offended.

"Well, Kiba is." Gaara muttered.

Wait, the two hadn't had sex had they?! No, they still had ears, and they hardly got along.

"I am not!" Kiba growled.

"I'm lost.." Naruto said, rather dumbly.

The two let Naruto out, Gaara making sure the hallway was empty. More.. private.

"Your now on your own, virgin-kid." Kiba said, half laughing, his tail wagging.

"You still have your ears, Kiba." Naruto muttered.

"Way to point out the obvious." Gaara said. "We didn’t say it was a girl now did we?"

Now the kitsune understood. Your virginity signs only dissolved if it was a girl. He had found that out when he had been questioned last year, and a question was if he were a virgin. To him, it was a dumb question, because he had ears, then they made him repeat Heath....

"You and Kiba? With who?!"

"Shino..." Kiba answered rather awkwardly. Gaara on the other hand looked proud.


"Hyuuga Neji?! He’s a grade older! Wait, so Kiba’s uke? Gaara are you-"

"Yup!" He smiled.

The bell over head rang over head for class to start.
'Joy. Now I have to hang out with Neji and Shino...'


After role, Kurenai-sensei started talking about...stuff. School stuff. See, Naruto doesn’t even pay attention. Or at least..not until the words "new student" reached his ears.

The kitsune looked up as the scent of neko, forest, and water drew his wondering eyes.

In front of the class, a boy with long, beautiful raven hair that fell across his dark onyx eyes stood, black ears and tail positioned rather proudly. On the blackboards the characters: Uchiha Sasuke were written.

Naruto felt his face grow warm and twitched his tail irritably.

"Sasuke-kun, it seems there’s an open seat next to Naruto. You two apparently have the same schedule, so if you have any questions, ask him."

"Hn.." At first, it seemed to not even hear Kurenai, but he walked down the rows of hot stares to the seat next to Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto looked away from him to the window as Kurenai-sensei finished her lecture. He didn’t want the Uchiha to see his blush.

"Uzumaki Naruto, correct?" A voice pulled his ears until he faced Sasuke.

"Uh...h-hai." Naruto answered. Suddenly, the blond wished he hadn’t faced the raven haired.

The neko was looking directly into his eyes, piercing Naruto's soul.

"Your eyes...they’re...nice." Was that a compliment? What would he say back?

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