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Chemical Reaction by LittleCrane

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: This is a fan fiction... get it FAN fiction. That means I don’t own it.

This is an idea that popped into my head... I kind of like it... but its not planned out at all at this stage... if it seems a little... I dunno... not great... that’s just for now. It will get better... trust me. This is going to be a good story lol. Reviews are very very much appreciated. If any one wants to beta this story for me please let me know! Cheers!

Naruto: 24 (graduated from Academy at 22, did his DipEd at 23)
Sasuke: 20
Sophomores: 19
Freshmen: 18
Juniors: 20
Seniors: 21
I don’t know how your freaky American systems work... or if people are even called that when they are in college, but the age’s correspond with Australia... which is where I am. If I'm totally wrong... let me know and I’ll go change it. Thanks!

Naruto sighed.
'Great... I get out of school and have to jump back in... and I was looking forward to a holiday... oh well.'
Naruto had received the phone call two days ago that he was being offered a Professor's position at the prestigious Konoha Academy of the Arts. It was an honour, really, to be offered such a position. He was only just out of college himself; top of his graduating class, and he had already been offered a job starting at the end of the summer break at the most sort after centre of education to teach at. It was a college for Arts elite; musicians, artists, actors, digital design; anything that was creative, and only the best of the best were at the college. Naruto had himself graduated from there, before moving on to Konoha University to do a Diploma of Education, so he could teach.
'Ah well... at least I have the summer off...'

Sasuke sat on his bed, looking at the peaceful garden outside his window. Sighing, he lay back.
'Life is so... boring. Monotonous. I hate the holidays... there's nothing to do...'
Not that he really did much during the school year anyway, but at least it was a brief distraction to break up the days. His grades had come in; perfect as always. Top of all his classes. Every one of the comments had the same thing;
"Sasuke is an excellent student. He possesses wonderful skills and applies his knowledge well. He is able to draw from a range of composers when writing his own music, however, Sasuke needs to be more passionate in his music."
'Passionate? Pffft. I'm not doing this for passion, for love. I’m doing this because it's easy and I’m good at it. That should be enough...'
Sasuke's father held the same opinion.
"Passion? Who cares about passion? Anyone can be passionate... only my son can be the best!"
That was all he cared about, his children being the best. The Uchiha family had businesses in two major fields; technology and the arts. Sasuke's brother was a computer wiz; he would inherit the technological side of the empire. Sasuke would run the arts side. Their father couldn’t be happier with his two sons, they were perfect.
Sasuke's mother disagreed. She was worried about Sasuke's apathetic attitude. He didn’t care about anything. not since that day... he used to have such a love of music, everything around Sasuke used to shine. Not anymore, and there was nothing their mother could do to help her youngest son. To her, he used to shine like the moon on a clear night. Now he was as cold as ice; and nothing seemed to thaw the barrier around his heart.
'God.... I just want holidays to be OVER!!!!'

"Welcome back to Konoha Academy Mr Uzumaki, it hasn’t been that long has it?"
Naruto smiled
"No, only a year since I've been here...."
Tsunade smiled.
"Well, it shouldn’t be hard for you to fall back into routine. You have you schedule?"
"Yeah, I've got it."
"Good. The students will be arriving soon. You should go and prepare for your class. Good luck brat."
"Thanks baa-chan" Naruto said, grinning. Naruto hadn’t got off the best of starts at the Academy, but Tsunade managed to straighten him out and he became the best student in the year. Now he was back, and as a teacher.
'Who would have thought it...' Tsunade thought as she walked back to her office, smiling to herself.
'He's still a smartassy brat...'

When Naruto walked in his classroom was already full of sophomores chatting among themselves.
"Ok guys, take your seats."
The class scrambled to do as they were told. Naruto smiled at them.
"My name is Uzumaki Naruto. You guys can call me Uzumaki sensei or just plain old Naruto. Ok? Any questions?"
By this stage most of the girls were blushing furiously. They had never had a teacher this... this hot before! A girl in the front row with bubblegum hair raised her hand
"Uzumaki sensei... I have a question."
Naruto smiled at her.
"Yes what is it?"
"How... how old are you?"
Naruto nervously scratched the back of his head, a trait he had copied from one of his teachers.
"My dear uh... what’s your name sorry?"
The girl giggled and was about to answer when a pretty blonde girl next to her answered for her.
"Forehead sensei! Her name is forehead... on account that its so big!"
The girl went red with rage.
The girls got louder and louder as they argued. Naruto sighed... teenage girls... so troublesome...
"Forehead! Pig! Please. Quiet. Ok, Forehead, to answer your question I'm 24. Pig, you shouldn’t interrupt ok? Any other questions?"
The class fell silent... Forehead and Pig were seething with rage. Not only had they embarrassed themselves... but now the super hot teacher was calling them Forehead and Pig! Intolerable!
"Ok, good... well we may as well start on this stupid topic... god I hated music history, you guys probably do too... but its what I'm here to teach you so shut up and learn..."

'God, that class is draining! I'm so tired... who would have thought being a teacher would be this hard!'
Naruto was exhausted after his run in with the sophomores. Seriously... 19 year old girls should not be so... difficult! Naruto hated music history... but it was a part of the curriculum and he had to teach it. Apparently his students found it as boring as he did... all they did was try to flirt with him!
'Gah! I'm not looking forward to that every day...'
Realising he had to be at his next class, Naruto hurried off.

Every year it was the same for Sasuke. Class to boring class... it was so easy for him. But that wasn’t the most annoying part. The most annoying part was that every year, nearly every girl in the freakin place would throw themselves at him in some way or another. Sasuke had broken them down into three groups.
1) School obsessed: These were the freaky girls that knew everything about him when it came to school. they knew his timetable... usually before he did, they knew his grades; somehow..., they knew where his locker was, and they even knew his locker combination! How they knew this was beyond Sasuke, but somehow they managed to work out his combination ever time.
2) Shy Hide away: These were the girls that would stalk him from the shadows; they never made their presence known, but they were always there. They weren’t as aggressive as their counterparts.
3) Completely obsessed: The last group. Name pretty much says it. They are completely obsessed with Sasuke. They know everything about him. How, Sasuke didn’t know. Why? Well... they're losers.
Sasuke hated the swarms of girls who were enamoured in him... he HATED them. This year wasn’t any different. So far he had had three pairs of panties put in various pockets, gotten 35 numbers, 60 gropes, 70 poems fall out of his violin case and had a whole pile of letters fall out of his locker during his break. Seriously... how did they manage that? Sasuke put himself in the back left-hand corner of the room for his third class of the day. It was right up the back, and he could stare out the window, effectively blocking any conversation people may try to have with him. This class was music prac. Most people loved this class... it was where they got to actually apply what they had learnt, and they got to play their instruments. Sasuke didn’t care. It was just like any other class to him. Sighing, he waited for the teacher to show.

Naruto's second class of the day had been, if possible, worse than the first. He had freshman’s. Yep, 18 year old girls are definitely... DENFINATELY worse than 19 year olds.
'Gah... aren’t these girls here to learn? If they wanted to flirt they should try being a stripper.... people might actually pay attention to them then!'
Not that Naruto wasn’t flattered... he was. He liked the fact that he was attractive. What he didn’t like was people throwing themselves at him... and like he would be romantically involved with a student anyway! He just got this job... he didn’t want to lose it. Naruto wasn’t sure if it was a good thing he had Juniors next... would 20 year olds be better or worse than teenagers?

"Hey guys, welcome to your first Music Prac class of the year. I’m your new teacher, Uzumaki Naruto. Uzumaki-sensei or just Naruto is fine k?"
Once again, the girls started swooning. Naruto wasn’t surprised.
"Ok, so, what group do I have here? Right, piano. Ok... so working on you're solo's... but I want you to partner up with someone, for feedback and such."
Immediately the girls eyes lit up... partners... that means...
"Sasuke, work with me!"
"No I’m working with Sasuke!"
"No I am!"
"Get back!"
Sasuke ignored them. Naruto couldn’t believe what was going on in front of him... these girls were crazy!
"Quiet! Shut up and sit down!"
The class immediately fell quiet, the girls rushing back to their seats. Naruto slowly walked to the back of the room, and stood in front of Sasuke.
"Uchiha Sasuke, right?"
Sasuke looked up at the blonde.
Naruto rolled his eyes...
'Here we go... angsty young musician... great...'
"Sorry sonny. Didn’t hear you... what was that?"
This time Sasuke rolled his eyes.
'Here we go... smartassy young teacher... great...'
"Ah, that’s better... well... you seem popular. So you don’t get to work with any of these people. You can work with me."
The girls looked crestfallen. You could almost hear the universal scream of NOOOOOOOOOOO through their heads.
"Calm down ladies... calm down. Pair up. Then get cracking!"
The great thing about the piano's at Konoha Academy was the headphone system. Because they had a large number of pianos going at the one time, it would be impossible for any clear discernable sound to emerge. That is when the headphone system can in. Basically, there are headphone ports on the pianos, much like on a keyboard, which allows the person wearing them to hear what is being played, without it disturbing anyone else.
"Come on Uchiha, make some music!" Naruto said, clapping his hands and walking over to a free piano. Sasuke didn’t say anything, he just followed the handsome blonde.
Sitting down, Sasuke began to play a piece by Chopin. It was one of the more difficult pieces he had played, but still, he played it flawlessly. Naruto listened through the headphones. Sasuke was about half way through when Naruto signalled for him to stop. Working his way around the class, Naruto called everyone to attention.
"Ok guys, sorry to interrupt, but I want to show you something. Sasuke, play that again."
Sasuke rolled his eyes, he was used to teachers using him as an example. Naruto removed the headphones, and Sasuke played the piece again. Once again... it was flawless. The class applauded as he finished.
"Yes right right well done and all that. Anyone care to tell me what was wrong with that?"
Sasuke frowned... what was wrong? There was nothing wrong... he played it perfectly.
A blonde girl in the front raised her hand.
"Yes you there. What was wrong with Sasuke's performance?"
"Nothing sir. It was perfect. Sasuke always plays perfectly." The girl gushed.
Naruto rolled his eyes.
'God forbid anyone question the almighty Uchiha Sasuke."
"Yes yes sure. The playing, perfect. The timing was perfect, he didn’t miss a note, everything about the playing was perfect. But I’m not asking about the playing. I’m asking about the performance. What was wrong with it?"
The class looked confused. What was he talking about?
Naruto sighed... clearly these guys were never going to get it.
"Ok... I'll put it this way, if I bought a ticket to see Sasuke play that, I'd want my money back."
The class was speechless. Sasuke was speechless.
"What? There was nothing wrong with it, why would you want your money back?" Sasuke almost spat the words at him. Naruto smiled viciously at him.
"You want to know why? It's as clear as day boy! Where's the passion!? It was so... empty!"
Sasuke was a little stunned. Empty?
"What does passion have to do with it? I played the piece perfectly. How is that wrong?"
Naruto rolled his eyes... seriously... they were going to fall out of his head soon.
"Come on... your not serious are you? Music would be so boring if all it was about was perfect playing! You really are stupid. That piece should sound like this!"
And with that Naruto sat down next to Sasuke, and played the piece over. Sasuke was stunned... never... EVER had a teacher had a problem with the way he played. He played perfectly! Who was this annoying blonde idiot anyway?!
Naruto played the piece. He played it just as perfectly as Sasuke. He didn’t miss a beat, play the wrong note... nothing. But there was something... different about Naruto's rendition. Something that made it... new... fiery... different. The young blonde professor took a well known piece, playing it to a tee, but somehow made it his own. Finishing, the class applauded him too. He could hear the whispers.
"Wow, that was amazing..."
"Totally different from Sasuke-kun's.."
"He's really good..."
Naruto smiled at the class.
"Perfect playing is nothing without passion. If you don’t play with feeling, I wont hesitate to dock your grades. Now, get back to it."
The class scrambled. Sasuke was fuming.. how dare he? How dare he!? This idiotic blonde is so full of shit!
Naruto smiled at Sasuke, who was glaring at him with all his might.
"Now. We are going to play that again with feeling . And we are going to play it until you get it right."
Sasuke didn’t say anything. He wasn’t going to dignify the blonde with a response. Naruto plugged the headphones in, and put them over his head.
Sasuke started. He didn’t even get through the first bar before Naruto stopped him.
"Stop. Do it again, with feeling "
Sasuke could feel the rage bubbling up inside him.
'No way am I going to let this idiot win. No fucking way...'
Sasuke started again, getting to the same point.
"Stop. Do it again."
Sasuke drew in a deep breath.
'Calm down Sasuke... calm down.' He was getting so frustrated, and he was angry beyond belief.
Sasuke started again.
"Stop. Do it again."
"Stop. Do it again."
"Stop. Do it again."
Sasuke was at his limit.
'One more time... I swear and I’m going to crack it...'
"Stop. Do it again."
"GET FUCKED!" Sasuke was stood up. He was furious. His face was red, his fists were clenched like he wanted to punch the smiling idiot in front of him. Naruto's smile took a foxy glint.
"Sit down Uchiha. And play it again." Naruto said, voice dangerously light. They stared at each other, testing the other's will. Naruto eventually won out. Sasuke threw himself into the seat, and played the piece. He played it worse than he ever played it before. The timing was off, and he missed notes. He was almost in tears from frustration. But Naruto didn’t stop him. He played the piece the whole way through, mad; more than mad, furious! But Naruto didn’t stop him. When Sasuke finished the piece he sat there, breathing heavily, feeling entirely drained. He just wanted to sleep. Naruto smiled.
"Much better."
Sasuke glared up at him, flung himself out of the chair, grabbed his things and stormed out of the room. Naruto didn’t stop him. He just watched him go with a small smile on his foxy face.
"Much better indeed."

Sasuke was furious. He couldn’t believe that guy! Fuck! No one had ever... EVER made him that mad in his entire life.
"Fuck him!" Sasuke yelled as he walked outside. He was walking along a path of trees. Turning he rammed his fist against the hard trunk.
"Fuck. Him. Fuck. Him. Fuck. Him!" Each word was accentuated by a punch. His fist was throbbing, his eyes were stinging... but he felt better. He sank down against the tree, putting his head in his knees. He was totally drained. He just wanted to rest.
"Fuck him..." he whispered to himself.


Ok this is really rough. I mean really really rough. Its not well written, but I think the idea is good. let me know what you all think! Thanks guys!

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