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Hell`s Light by Deadly Dream

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: Me and Ty don`t own Naruto, I don`t know about Ty but I know I don`t own my soul either.
They say that the only type of fallen angel are the ones who have sinned and fallen from grace, but in his case, the tainted souls of hell took hold of his wings and broke them. What happened to him after he descended to hell, he`ll never forget. Never forget the one person he had felt a strong connection to as he was trapped their. But I`m getting ahead of myself, let`s start from the beginning.


He slept peacefully on his bed, how could he not, it was like sleeping on a cloud, which for all he knew, he was on a cloud. He had gotten to live a good life, even if it did get short, he was happy and at peace with himself. Every now and then, he would escape the sanctuary of heaven and walk amongst the mortals, unknowing to them what he truly was. On these trips, he would check up on his only son he had left behind, all grown up and married to his childhood sweetheart. His son was happy and it made him slightly depressed that he could never truly be there for him as he grew up. His son never felt the warmth of his hugs, the protection and role model that is a father and it was painful to think about.

“Arashi get out of bed, come on!” A loud voice that yelled at him as the owner of the voice pushed him out of his state of comfort and face planting on the floor.

“What is it now Anko?!?” He whined from the ground at the slightly younger woman standing above him.

“We have a job to do, now come on.” She extended her hand towards Arashi which he took and pulled him off the floor.

“We have to do this every day, why can`t he send some one else, there are more than just two of us.” He began to complain again as he patted down his clothes to get the dust off.

“Don`t think like that, we all do this, but there are so many people dieing lately from the war on Earth that we all have to contribute.”

“All right, let`s get this over with already.” He yawned as he spread out his wings as did Anko as they flew out of his house and down to Earth.

This had become a daily routine since the world began to fight amongst itself, people killing people, and innocent blood spreading every where. It sickened him at the thought of human’s killing each other, he had died protecting his son and was proud of the way he had died. But this was different, they weren`t fighting to protect their precious people, they were slaughtering each other for self gain, and it sickened him more and more.

As they looked at the departed souls, they watched as the evil and sinful ones sunk into the ground and head straight for hell. It was strange to watch a soul scream as it descended towards hell, but there was no thing they could do for they had caused this outcome of theirs and would pay the price. The eerie howl of the demons of hell rose as they devoured the remains of the wicked and innocent soul`s bodies

“There seems to be two major groups, I`ll go left and you keep going straight.” Arashi nodded as Anko headed to the left.

He put his wings away and kept going forward towards the large mass of souls he sensed earlier. With each step he took, the demon howls grew louder and louder, he could feel their demonic power all around. As quickly as he heard the snap of the twig, a hoard of demons longed at him which he easily avoided and slashed the demons into pieces with his heaven blade, the heavenly blade all angels were given if this problem should arise. With one swipe of his sword, Arashi sheathed it once again, and continued on his way. Reaching the souls he was in search of, Arashi did several heaven signs and gave the innocents their wings and guided them to the assignment office.

He looked around the room and was surprised that Anko wasn`t there. “Hey Shizune, where`s Anko?”

The said woman grew a painful sad look on her face. “I`m sorry Arashi, she….didn`t make it back.”

Arashi`s eyes went wide as Shizune closed hers. “Anko`s….gone?” She nodded as Arashi dropped his gaze to the floor. His best friend was gone and wouldn`t come back, she couldn`t, all souls were eventually reincarnated, but if they were devoured by a demon, they could never come back. He wouldn`t be with another one of his precious people and blamed himself for what happened as he ran out of the building.

“Arashi, stop!” Shizune yelled to deaf ears as Arashi left for the human world, not even knowing where he was going as he went as fast as he could towards destination.
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