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Sasuke's Back!! by Godaime Tsunade

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: it's seen in the story
Disclamer: I don’t own Naruto..but if I did Sasuke would have never left Konoha..

Chapter2: Rejoined

-Ichiraku Ramen-

A pink-haired female medical nin, a blonde nin, blonde female nin, and some other people were standing in front of Ichiraku Ramen. They seem to be waiting for someone.


Sasuke found an apartment room for rent which smelled like ramen from outside.

“Oh, well…beggars can’t be choosers…” He told himself.

Apparently, the owner wasn’t there…So, Sasuke waited…and waited..and waited ….5 hours have passed…
“I’m gonna beat the crap outta this owner..” sasuke said.

“Oi! Watcha doin’ there..??” A blonde nin said.
“Watin’ for you..” when sasuke turned his head he saw..” Naruto??”.
“Eh? How did you know my name?? must’ve alredy knew I was going to be the next Hokage..”
“Hokage??” Sasuke thought. “Umm..I was going to rent this room..” he said.
“Oh..I’m sorry… Kakashi was just late…here let me tell you the story..”

-FLASHBACK ( Naruto’s POV)-

Ok…Me, Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Shikamaru and a lot more friends. We were waiting for Kakashi… he’s always late…then I just had to open my mout6h.
“Oi! Everyone, I’m starved let’s eat!” I said.
“Will you shut up?? We’re waiting for kakashi..” Sakura said.
“The guys always late, so let’s leave him..”
“Stop arguing you two!!” The furry brows said.
“How troublesome..” Shikamaru said.

Ok, so after 2 hours..Kakashi finally came..
“YOU ARE SOOOOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!” We all shouted.
“Gomen, gomen., the wind blew me, then, I landed into a river and got drowned and was chased by a pack of dogs..” Kakashi said.
“Whatever, can we eat now?” I said.

So, we ate our ramen and made Kakashi pay.


“Naruto-kun!” someone said.
“I’m here Hinata-chan….hehe..she’s my wife..” Naruto said.
“Wife?” Sasuke thought.
“Ok, What’s you name?”
“Uchi…er…Uchiguchi…”Sasuke answered.
“er…yes..Uchiguchi Sakuni…”
“Err..ok… me in a month…”

Then, Naruto gave him the keys and took off. Sasuke entered the room, the first thing he smelled was ramen.
So, Sasuke removed his wig and sat on the couch.

-Sasuke’s thoughts-
“Whew..I can’t believe Naruto has a wife and is going to be the next hokage..” he thought.
“Things sure had changed..I wonder if she’s still a wimp..” he continued.
‘I wonder how she looks write now..I have no doubt that she’s really sexy……HEY! WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING??”
“What you’re saying is the crap!” His conscience said.
“ Jeez, will ya shut up??”
“I’m telling the crappy truth..”
“What makes it crappy??”
“You, Anyway, you like Sakura.”
“I do not!”
“Oh right, you love her!!”
“Do not!!”
“Sasuke and Sakura sittin’ on a tree…”
“Stop it! Damn you!”

-Back to the real world-

Suddenly, Sasuke heard a knock on his door. He quickly put on his wig and answered the door.
“Sakura??” he said with surprise.
“..How did you know my name?” the pink-haired medical nin asked.
“Umm..Naruto told me.”
“Oh, him…Well, I wanted to welcome you. Here , I made you a pie.” She gave the pie to Sasuke .
“Oh..uh..Thanks…er..I’m Uchih..Uchiguch sakuni.” Sasuke almost revealed his true identity which is really risky because if his identity is revealed an angry mob would have chased him.
“Uh…yeah I know…Naruto told me…”
‘, I’ll see you tomorrow!” she continued.
“er..wait! don’t you want to come in?” Sasuke asked.
“I can’t…I have a date with my boyfriend.”
“Bye!” Sakura said happily.

He closed the door and sat on the chair.

-Sasuke’s thoughts-
‘B..b…b…boyfriend? h…how?wh..who?wa..wa..why?”
“Will you stop stuttering? It’s probably a guy who is a worthless piece of crap because he actually had the guts to date Sakura.” His conscience said.
“He isn’t crap…he’s a lucky bastard.”
“So, you admit it?’
“Admit what?”
“Admit that you love her.”
“I don’t love her!’
“Yes you do!”
“Yes YOU do! You love her and your jealous of her boyfriend.”
“Sasuke is jealous! Sasuke is jealous!”
“Jealous! Jealous! Jealous!”
“ooooooh…now he’s pissed.”
“You’re my conscience! You’re supposed to be helping me!!”
“Oh, I’ll help you, help you confess to Sakura…”
“Shut yer trap!”
“Hmph! Fine! But I shall return…MUWAHAHAHA”

Sasuke didn’t sleep well that night. Probably because of Sakura or his evil conscience.

A/n: I decided to write this quickly instead of waiting for reviews…
And I’m sorry if this chappie sucks. I’ll try to make it better nxt time…
PLS. REVIEW I BEG U!!!!!!!!!
And if I don’t get any reviews…I won’t upload another chapter!!!
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