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vampire house:welcome to temptation by Halleluyah no yuki

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: I know its. A bit difficult but it would really make my year if ya'll reviewed a bit...see you through the screen
Chapter notes: ok,so this is my fourth fic,they're always short at first,about 200 words or so but bear with me,it always gets better..READ,REVIEW,LOVEXPEACE.
it was a lonely night,a dark one she pulled her coat tighter as she walked down the dark lonely alley.She just finished her 11 o'clock shift at the bar.The only good thing that came out of working as a low paid waitress in a disgusting bar serving drunk old men was ...............oh,there were no advantages.She let out a sigh,her bangs covering her face as her light orange hair swayed in the wind.She shuddered,why the hell was it so cold anyway,it was like the middle of was hot days and steaming nights she shrugged closing her eyes as she walked on.She let out a yelp as she slipped and fell on the wet pavement.She muttered curses as she picked herself up,glaring at her skinned knee."dam soft skin"she cursed staring as the blood ran down to her boot she was still in her work clothes which consisted of a short sleeved button up white shirt on a black-grey pleated skirt that reached just above her knee.she threw in a pair of black knee length boots for good measure plus a black coat for the rain.She looked around for her flew out of her hands earlier."where did that damn thing go?"she paused hearing footsteps behind her she stood up from her crouched position to face the person behind was one of the younger men from the bar,there were considerable worst than the older ones.they drank twice as much and were known for causing trouble.This one in particular had dark long hair and blue eyes.he had always seemed particularly interested in her,not like she ever gave him a time of day."hello beautiful"he sardonic grin."fancy seeing you here"she narrowed her gaze,she didn't think so."yeah i don't think so,what they hell do you want!?"she asked folding her arms.he chuckled lowly as her eyes traveled down to his hands."actually"she interjected,spotting her purse."ill just take whats mine and leave|"she said outstretching a hand.he chuckled darkly ,flashing her a toothy grin.she shuddered,taking a step back something about him scared her.she took a step back,thinking of a quick escape route when heard another voice come behind her. "leaving yet, we haven't even had a drink yet ".she whipped around to see another man about the same age as the first. he was tall and lanky with spiky red hair and wild teal eyes. she stiffened, as a beautiful young woman, she'd had many confrontations but none like this, it was dark and raining, and there was no one around, none the she could see. This was bad.

"look I don't want any trouble".she started. "you can keep the purse okay, I'll just leave ".she said slowly backing away as they closed in on her. she cursed as her back hit a wall,she looked up at them as they moved as slowly towards her, like she was prey. "don't worry, you won't feel a thing ".the red head said as he pulled out a knife, chuckling darkly.Sensing her fear, he reached out to grab her, missing, she ducked out of his grip, kneeing him in the crotch. she let our a yell as the other man took fistfuls of her Hair, pulling harshly, he rammed her head hard against the concrete before letting go. she held her head as it screamed with pain, a promise of an incoming migraine. she let her hands fall to her sides as he pulled her up to her feet by her collar. she was too disoriented to resist, her vision blurred. He smirked, taking her lips in his. she gagged, breaking the kiss, infuriated he backhanded her head against the wall leaving a noticeably indentation on it.
"share some will ya.. ".The other man said, walking up to them with an occasional limp in his steps. he bent down to her level, pulling a his knife, he brought it to her neck, smirking as he ran it down her chest,slowly ripping her blouse. Groggily, she grabbed his hands meeting his angry gaze with her tired blue grey ones. he hit her across the face, knocking her out.


she woke up groggily, her head pounding. the rain had stopped but she was soaked to the bone. she felt sore, her entire body was aching and she felt sticky and wet. I She looked down at herself and saw blood. she gasped running her hands through her clothes in search of the wound. But there was none, the blood wasn't hers. I She looked down at her feet, following the blood trail as it went into the shadows. shakily, she dragged herself up the wall and stumbled across to the alley in front of her. she froze. laying in front of her were the mangled remains of the men who tried to hurt her.
"w-who did this? ".she asked, reaching out to touch them she paused, hearing a sound behind her. she heard a grunt then saw a figure come out of the shadows. she took a step back, afraid of what he might do. But blindly if ran out of to his side when he fell face first. she knelt down beside him, grabbing hold of it his shoulders, she pushed him up, trying to get him to sit when she spotted the knife and embedded and in his chest. she gasped, putting a hand over Her mouth .'how was he even alive '.He opened his eyes weakly to stare at hers,tgey were bright red with a dark slanted line in the middle. "G-get away ".he said weakly, his voice slightly more hoarse. he coughed, sputtering blood then collapsed falling forward. she reached out, catching him in her arms blushing the as she felt his hot breaths on her chest .she could feel his heart beat, it was weak and unsteady .she pushed him back up, resting his back against the wall. she pushed his bangs from his face, wiping the blood off his cheeks. she stared at him as a few stray raindrops ran down his face. he looked so pure, so innocent. but those eyes. she thought ,remembering his fox like pupils ,they were terrifying, maybe she shouldn't get involved in this. she got up, and started looking around for something. she spotted her coat and purse and slid them on ,stuffing her purse in her pockets this time. she walked away, trying not to look at the bodies again. she paused, stopping to stare at the young man as he lay there helpless and unconscious. she sighed, turning to face him. she knew she was gonna regret this, she thought, walking up to him. she bent down, wrapping her jacket around him then frowned, he was cold to the touch. she had to get him out the rain , she thought, or they'd both fall sick... or worse.
Chapter end notes: ok theres the 1st chapter,hope it was good enough for you guys till next time,see you through the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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