My Bingo Book by Matt NoOne
Summary: List of OC's for my stories.
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Yuki Ookami by Matt NoOne
Author's Notes:
I don't own naruto
but I do own all these characters
Name: Yuki Ookami (snow wolf)

Gender: Male

Age: About half a year younger than Naruto.

Hair: Brown
Eyes: red (right) and dull green (left)
White tee shirt with gray vest
Dark gray shorts
Right eye closed
Fang like teeth

He is closed up to most people
But to his friends is easy going, kind and, loyal

Wolf Fang:
Gathers chakra into fist and punchs; on contact a fang of chakra cuts through the opponent

Knows various other fire, and earth techniques

A wolf demon is sealed inside of him. This causes right eye to be red, his fanged teeth, and sometimes his right hand to become claw like.

He is strong in hand to hand combat and rarely uses weapons.

He prefers cold weather and finds 45 F a ideal room temperature.
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