What is Behind Kakashi's Mask by storymaster
Summary: A cool story by me.
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Chapter 1 by storymaster
"Hey Sasuke, Sakura, want to know what's behind Kakashi's mask" said naruto. " You idiot" Sakura siad angerily. "I don't care what is behind Kakashi's mask" said Sasuke. "You will never know what is behind the mask, buck tooth, cute lips, or a mustache. Sasuke was feeling a lot weird after when Naruto said what was behind Kakashi's mask. "Lets do it" said Sasuke. When time past the three ninjas invited Kakashi to lunch. " Are you sure this is going to work? said Sakura. "Hey, when you eat you need to take off a mask if you have one" said Naruto. "Well okay" Sakura said nervously. When Kakashi was about to take off the mask, the three ninjas blinked then kakashi was done. "Okay, what just happen" asked Naruto. "We missed it you idiot!" yelled Sauke. "Don't worry, we will see it no matter what" said Naruto. "What is the next plan" said Sakura. "We invite him to the sauna" said Naruto. "Maybe I will, oh go to the kitchen to eat lunch" Sakura said nervously. "Your on your own" said Sasuke. When Naruto was on his own, he was spying on Kakashi. There was no luck for Naruto. Now it is Sasuke's turn. "Come on, take off the mask" Sasuke said to himself. Sasuke had no luck like Naruto. Now it was Sakura's turn. "I don't feel like doing it" said Sakura. "Maybe we could ask him" asked Naruto. "Lets go" said Sasuke. "Kakashi? Can you ask us what is behind your mask?" said Naruto. "Okay. see its a another mask! Is that cool or what. The ninjas were shocked. "NARUTO, THIS IS ALL YOU FAULT!" said Sasuke and Sakura. Sasuke and Sakura started to fight Naruto. Then Naruto ended up in the hospital.
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