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Reviews For A Seeing Beauty

Name: ontuva (Signed) · Date: 20/12/10 - 11:32 am · For: Chapter 19 The Aftermath
Did I miss a chapter? All of a sudden Jasmine is having sex with Sasuke and I'm like "o___o WHEN DID THIS HAPPEEEN?" :D
But oh gawd I laughed at Zabuza. I would actually like him to congratulate Sasuke, it'd be hilarious! XD

Author's Response: ******gasps of horror!!!*** OMFG i forgot to post the halloween specail fully! i cant believe i forgot tht!!! *mental breakdown**** im posting it ASAP!!!!!!!!!

Name: ontuva (Signed) · Date: 20/12/10 - 11:24 am · For: Chapter 17 Let the Music commence!
Omg, this chapter was hysterical. And why was that? Because I read POOKIE as Poopie and after that I just couldn't stop laughing. xDD I had to read the line three times before I realised it was actually Pookie and not Poopie... Omg...

Hey, I know you are rewriting some of the chapters and I have no idea what chapters you have changed, so could you change the chapter titles to rewritten or something similar so us readers would know what chapters are different from before? :)

Author's Response: i no no ive bn kicking in gear to rewrite the chapters as fast and smoothly as possible and well ive rewritten ch 1-5 but plzz dont read! im changing them to ther final form by the end of the winter season i promis~ the new year is my dead line and im working franticly to finish on tim and get out the last-this year's new years special and its going to be great! im being serious for ive bn lik plagued w/ story at school, home, the bathroom; day in and day out. im going to get it done! *inner being*** u go girl** *sigh*rnrnso in wat im saying. i will label the new chapters for the entire story will be slightly new. more details, more clarity, better results for what i planned will finally work and im to stubborn to change the route this story will take. i will email u *maybe* wen i hav finished and posted the new revised and finalized chapters of seeing beauty. ill label as now the rewritten stuff but dont read plz...i feel horrified at wat i rote and hadnt finished the chapters 1-4 to replace the revisements...rnrnrnwith tht aside, im glad to see tht u found the chapter amusing...poopie...never thought of that...i just liked pookie for 1. its a saying i use constantly wen i pout, 2. its garfield's toy bear ( the fat yellow/orange cat-cartoon-has 2 movies), and 3. ...i think its a cute nickname. thxs for reading the chapter!

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 07/01/10 - 07:08 pm · For: Chapter 20 The Cursed Mistletoe
Hm, wow, I went back to chapter 17 and my eyes bged out at the size of the chapter. Anyway, good job on this chapter, let me start reworking on that one! :)

Author's Response: ... ty its really not as long i want to be but its good length. <3

Name: Naruke45 (Signed) · Date: 29/12/09 - 10:37 pm · For: Chapter 9 A Bite of Indecency
frankly, my balls hurt from ur writing.. but thats ok lol im afraid how theyre gnna react to her when its jasmine again...

Author's Response: lolz sry for you friends...i planned to even make it more grafict later....its kind of sad about her split personality disorder...

Name: Naruke45 (Signed) · Date: 29/12/09 - 09:20 pm · For: Chapter 2 Confrontation
jesus christ.... this is the best fan fic aver!! i promise!! im just starting!

Author's Response: plz dont use the lord's name in vain on my reviews...just a moral that was rapped in my brian from my big bro...ty for the rev thou

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 27/12/09 - 10:16 pm · For: Chapter 19 The Aftermath

Um, just some things I'd like to point out.

1. Those tow are both underage, so I seriously doubt that Kakashi would let them get drunk on his watch.

2. I really don't think Sasuke would do that, even to someone he liked. He probably would act nicer and softer around her, but I doubt he'd do that.

3. I don't think Sasuke would get drunk.

4. I don't think Saku is that dumb...

5. I know Naruto is that dumb... lol :)

Anyway, those are just some things i think, and, I just found out I'm not a fan of lemon! So, would you mind saying in the chapter notes that it has some, like before?

Please update soon, so totally love the story and the plot!

Author's Response: .... ok i shall answer to each point rn1. its the entire village partying and so is kakashi so he wasn't watching them!rn2. shit hapns wen u get drunk or buzzed; sasuke is going to be OCC wen buzzed so..meh i blame heat of moment craprn3. shit hapnsrn4. Sakura was clueless about Chuunin exams..wait tht was Naruto wasn't... X l she can be dense wen it counts!rn5. we all no Naruto is that clueless thats one reason we lov him.rnrnand on chapter 18 i did say it was a lemon; i plastered all over the authors note! ....there was no lemon in ch 19 unless im lik blind now and cant read comp im working on ch 20 now so tht will be released some time soon! Memory Touch afterwards i promise!

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 26/12/09 - 09:09 pm · For: Chapter 18 Halloween Fun
I was just wondering, what's lemon?

Author's Response: that was a question i had that i solved: a story where there is sex. thats the defintion i've gotten from reading.

Name: dalaw (Signed) · Date: 22/12/09 - 06:05 pm · For: Chapter 17 Let the Music commence!
lol, turd. I would kill my self if i had to be stuck in bed for three months.

Author's Response: i know it would so suck especially in a realm with no TV or computers

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 16/12/09 - 08:12 pm · For: Chapter 16 Fate's New Balance and Will
Wahahahaha! Wow, he did WHAT!?!
Oh yeah, you better update soon! It's awesome!
Everything's just getting started!

Author's Response: im trying my best to update before chrismas so behind on my specials. ty for ur kind reviews ...i apreciate them

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 03/12/09 - 02:14 pm · For: Chapter 14 Clouded Eyes

Author's Response: wat? was trying to make jazz wise or all-knowing...and i nvr realized how short that chapter was!! must revise soon!!!

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 03/12/09 - 01:50 pm · For: Chapter 13 Time for Inari
Yeah, I like teasing my little bro too, but not like that. It's awesomely fun. :)

Author's Response: ....i reread the kinda confused but...that chapter was meant to be a funny and a heartfelt one i think...meh

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 03/12/09 - 01:43 pm · For: Chapter 12 Stuff Animals with Strange Powers
kay, to be honest, I read all these chapters and i wanted to review em, so i did them all at once. I really like this story, plz update soon! buu-ut, there 'is' some really bad dialogue in here, otherwise it's really cool!

Author's Response: ty for the reviews....wat dialoque might i ask? is it cheesy or the swearing thing? send me a email throu contact author plz. i lik to fix it for the reader noes best!

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 03/12/09 - 01:42 pm · For: Chapter 11 Anger with a Whole New Meaning!
poor, poor, dead kakashi.

Author's Response: oh indeed...jazzy will get back at kakashi soon....

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 03/12/09 - 01:42 pm · For: Chapter 10 A Interesting Thought
Innnnteresting. sasuxjas!

Author's Response: so making it a sasOC story! *evil laughter in the background** shut up jason!

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 03/12/09 - 01:41 pm · For: Chapter 9 A Bite of Indecency
Oooow. Alright, that had got to hurt..

Author's Response: oh yes it did hurt...i dont think Zabuza will ever have children fro mthe iron jaws of doom lolz

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 03/12/09 - 01:41 pm · For: Chapter 8 Insanity Seen

Author's Response: <3 i see tht u think the fighting part was cool....there shall be mor jason fights i asure u...*big spoiler** X3

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 03/12/09 - 01:40 pm · For: Chapter 7 A Scuffles And a Laugh!
Yeah, that was really sinister of her! =)

Author's Response: hm? wat was so bad..oh the part were she adds to the drama on the cut..yes tht was mean wasnt it? <3

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 03/12/09 - 01:39 pm · For: Chapter 6 Horrific Memories and A Chance
:) nice!

Author's Response: ..if i rem correctly this is the nightmare ch..oh nvm ty for the rev and rating

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 02/12/09 - 05:54 pm · For: Chapter 6 Horrific Memories and A Chance
Poor girl.. That actually happened to her mother?

So she's Jason? Who's pink?

Author's Response: you will see

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 02/12/09 - 05:50 pm · For: Chapter 5 The Secret Revealed With Ramen
Ahahaha, I'm not vegan, but i understand the conflict. I'm not allowed to eat outside meat.

Poor Jas!

Author's Response: trying to revise all my chs

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 02/12/09 - 05:46 pm · For: Chapter 4 New Ninja Aboard
OoO Ahahahahaha! That was hilarious! Nice.

But what happened to Ibiki? Who's Jason? And, Jasmine doesn't seem to be very - you know - miserable, like her foster sibs thought.

Author's Response: well....ibiki i really dont care and jason...lik i said you will find out soon and well jazzy may not seem sad but as the saying goesrnrneven the happist person in the room be the most miserable.rnrnty for your reviews

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 02/12/09 - 05:38 pm · For: Chapter 2 Confrontation
O.o Wow. Maybe she shouldn't have said that, huh?

Author's Response: yeah jazzy has for a spell the tentsy to say the wrong things....its amusing to write

Name: ontuva (Signed) · Date: 05/10/09 - 02:41 pm · For: Chapter 16 Fate's New Balance and Will
Ps. Try to ignore my typos. ^^''

Author's Response: its ok..on Jason...ill giv a hint on the future on him...****u may lik him no but soon...u shall hate him or really thik hes a ***** monkey tht is messed up! ***evil mad scientist laugh**** oh yes Jason is going to reveal some very distrubing characteristics soon....>=D **more evil laughing***

Name: ontuva (Signed) · Date: 05/10/09 - 02:40 pm · For: Chapter 16 Fate's New Balance and Will
! Jeez! I'm sorry I didn't review this one earlier (well I've been. Well. Not busy. But just. Lazy?).

But I really like where you are going with this one! Jazz has some awesome powers, but she has a great responsibility too! I like the fact that the power can be stripped away from her if she misuses it. Otherwise she would be a bit too Mary Sue, eh?

But you can count me as a fan of your story! I really like this. ^^

Is it really possible to get the marrow out of the heart by sending electrical shocks to it? o_O I mean, I study Pharmacy and we have study first aid, anatomy and physiology as well and I'm really curious if it is really possible. :D

I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter to came.
(Is Jason going to make any appearances any more? ^^ I liked him.)

And Sasuke is ubercute in this one. :D

Author's Response: not sure..ive seen it on tv..i dnt rem wat its called wen the marrow goes to the heart but they usually shocked the ppl to restart up the pulse so, i asume it thts wat hapns. i would have to do mor research on the matter...i lik med stuff its realy fastinating so i lik to add stuff on it in my stories ***uper hint*** plus im not done showing how topsy turvy i gues u can say her ability is and how muchshe uses it. I agree on the rules tht ive made...any advice on my riting skills/ vocab b very helpful trying up it up on my chapters, ***wishes for a beta rdr****rnrnits alrght tht u havnt revd...u made the 50th mark yaee! ^^ im very happy about it.

Name: bre2k8 (Anonymous) · Date: 19/09/09 - 01:26 pm · For: Chapter 1: The Beginning of Anew
Hey,CKL,if you haven't already,could you read I'm Still Here?I got bored and wrote it.

Author's Response: ill check it out ull c a rev soon

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