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Because no fic is deleted, if a fic doesn't abide by the rules of the category or author doesn't respond to mods, it belongs here.

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Summary: OK, here's what I'm proposing, and this will require more than one author to accomplish. I thinking of 2 stories(OC-centric) crossing over or over lapping. This can very to a reference or brief encounter all the way to having interaction through a few chapters of your stories. Basically having two characters(or more if you think you can pull it off) to interact within each others stories. Here's the tough part, Each author will need to publish chapters that are the same with dialogue and surroundings, but the point of view like inner thoughts can still be what you want when the characters are present and interacting. Here's some rules: The two stories have to be currently in the same time period, for example if you have a story set in post Naruto, having them meet an OC from Pre-shippuden isn't acceptable.Don't worry if its not exact, but don't be too off on the time period. 2nd, have a legit reason for the interaction, so be creative and have it plausible that these characters could meet. 3rd, your current story must be at least 10,000 words so you have at least an established story to toy around with. Remember, not all stories will be able to do they have conflicting ideas and events that have occurred.Any genre goes. I'd be glad to help somebody with this and try it out(contact me), but do you think your are up to the challenge?
Categories: OC-centric Characters: All